Winter: A Great Time to Deal With a Wet Basement

Winter: A Great Time to Deal With a Wet Basement

With spring coming up, don’t think the worst is over – sure winter is pretty done and dusted with but a lot needs to happen still. Especially when it comes to your basement! So the things to look out for are melting, the effects of the dry weather and specifically floods if you live in an area which is prone to flooding during this time of the year.

Weather is an important part of the decision making process when you finally decide to water proof and the best time to deal with a wet basement is during the winters. Everything from the planning stage to the execution need to be planned out to ensure optimum results and minimal structural damage. You can learn about Winter Suggestions To Protect From Water Damage and keep your basement dry all year long.

And with the choices in repair methods you should know that weather in each instance will play an important role. For example an actively leaky basement will lead to cracks – such damages can only be repaired via a set method and not by others. Another such issue is getting your foundation walls fixed – again this can only be done during certain times of the year and not others.

Eventually you need to face a set fact, the following two weather conditions will have the greatest of effects on basement water proofing:

  • Cold winter weather

  • Rain and water flooding

Now the thing to keep in mind is that out of both these weather conditions unlike cold weather, rainfall can adversely affect both internal and external basement waterproofing work. On the other hand during the winters waterproofing can be either performed from the inside of your home or the outside – similarly the weather conditions during the winter months will not necessarily have an effect on the work being done indoors, this is true to the extent of crack injections as well.

And out of the seasons during the year, winters are best to deal with wet basements. Not only is the preferred time of the year to perform repair works, but when dealing with wet basements – one thing can easily lead to another till you have your hand full. In such a scenario remember that injection work around the walls and the foundations will drive best results when performed only during the winter months.

However if you are looking forward on performing extended work such as foundation excavation or even exterior waterproofing it might be useful to wait a bit and not carry on during the winter months of the year.

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