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Aquatech Waterproofing Privacy Policy

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Aquatech Privacy Policy

Last update: February 21, 2024

The Privacy Policy attached here in details the policies and procedures concerning Aquatech’s collection of consumer information and its use and disclosure following the use of our services by the consumer.

Personal information is used solely to provide improved service by Aquatech. Once you use our service, you agree to the information being collected and its use aligned with this policy.

Privacy Policy Definitions and Interpretations

Policy Definitions

  • Definitions included in this privacy policy involve the following:
  • “You” refers to a consumer gaining access or implementing the use of Aquatech services or any entity representing a consumer to utilize services.
  • “Company” will refer to the company itself, Aquatech.
  • “Affiliate” refers to an individual or organization who is in control, under control, or is controlled by others and has more than 50% ownership of company shares or interests, allowing the ability to vote on who gets elected to the board of directors.
  • “Service” is defined as the Aquatech website.
  • “Account” is any account created for you to gain access to the Services provided.
  • The “Service Provider” refers to a a person processing company data from a third-party entity or any company individual authorized to provide the company’s service or assist a user to ensure proper use.
  • “Social Media” is defined as a social media platform a consumer can access to gain access to the company website.
  • “Personal Identifying Information” will refer to the individual’s personal data that identifies them.
  • “Cookies” are files put within a computer that collects browsing information you search for through the Company website.
  • “Usage Data” is the automatic collection of data produced through either service use or the time spent on a web page.

Policy Interpretation

The definitions below will contain identical meanings no matter how they are referred to.

Collection and Use of Personal Identifying Information

Kinds of Collected Data

Personal Information

As the service is being used, you may be asked to identify personal information that identifies you and can be utilized for contacting you. The personal information may involve the following:

  • Your name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Device identification

Device Identification

The device identification is automatically collected as the service is being used.

The device identification will involve information about a device’s IP location, the browser version you use, the type of browser, when a visit is made, service pages visited, the amount of time spent on a page, and any other data that can identify your device.

As service is accessed through a device, information may be automatically collected to identify the device type, the IP, the ID of your device, the operating system used, the device browser, and any other diagnostic identification.

Other information that may be collected involves information sent by the browser you use during a page visit or while gaining service access through your device.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used to track activity pertaining to service activity and to save information pertaining to it. The technology used in these cookies includes scripts, beacons, and tags that collect the information to help enhance the service provided.

You can decline the use of cookies or be indicated if a cookie gets submitted. Regardless, some areas of the service may be inaccessible if declined.

The cookies may “remain” or be “temporary” in nature. Cookies that remain are those that continue to run while offline. Cookies that are temporary are those that get removed after a web browser is closed.

Both of these types of cookies are utilized for the following purposes:

  • Essential or Necessary Cookie Types: These types of cookies are considered essential for you to be provided with available services so that you can utilize the features that the website offers. Their cookies identify the users so that fraud can be prevented against accounts. If these cookies were not used, then the requested services will not be available. So by using these cookies, you are able to take advantage of the services.
  • The Remaining cookies: The cookies that are remaining will recognize when a user accepts cookie use.
  • Cookies with Functionality: The cookies with functionality are able to remember your choices after the web page is visited. It remembers your preferences and details for logging in. The functionality cookies offer the best experience so that you do not need to have your preferences resubmitted each time the website is accessed.
  • Third-Party Tracking Cookies: These types of cookies enable the monitoring of your activity to understand user interactions with the website.
    As these cookies collect data, it’s possible that your identity remains anonymous or becomes identifiable. This ambiguity stems from the fact that the collected information might be associated with identifiable details, potentially masking the true identity of the user.

To learn more, visit our Cookie Policy with regards to their use and the way you can choose their use.

Utilizing Data that is Personal

Data that is personal may be used for the following:

  • Service to be maintained and provided: This includes monitoring service usage.
  • Account management: Your account registration will be managed as a service user. The data that is provided by you allows you to access various service functions.
  • Contract performance includes the contract undertaking and compliance for the products, items, and services purchased.
  • To make contact with you: You can be contacted by messaging, phone call, email, or the method you prefer. You may be contacted through the application if you utilize an app. This contact may occur when it is related to functionality and communication and information that involves services and products involving updates and may occur when it is reasonable and necessary.
  • News can be provided: You are able to obtain information and offers concerning services, goods, and other products that we provide and are equal to the products and services you currently enjoy.
  • Managing requests: Managing the requests that you make to us.

Personal information obtained may be shared when the following occurs: 

  • As a Service Provider: Personal information may be shared with other providers in order to analyze and monitor the service we provide, display advertisements that help the service be maintained and supported, in order to make contact, to offer advertisements through third parties.
  • Transfer of business: Personal information may be transferred or shared while business is conducted. This business can involve sales or other financial undertakings.
  • Affiliates: The information may be shared between affiliates and us. In these circumstances, this Privacy Policy must be respected. These affiliates also include subsidiaries, partners, and other entities under our control.
  • Partners: Information may be shared among partners in order to provide you with offers and products that may be of interest to you.
  • All others: Personal information that is shared in any way could be viewed by other users and seen publicly. By interacting through third-party methods, your information, such as your profile, photo, name, and activity, may be used and shared. Other users can see those activities and easily contact you.

Retaining Data that is Personal

Personal data will be retained only when necessary and related to this privacy policy. Data will be retained when compliance is necessary for obligations, dispute resolutions, and enforcing policies and other agreements.

Data will also be retained for purposes of analysis. This data will be maintained for a short time unless it will be used to strengthen the functionality and security of the service we provide or are obligated to maintain legally for a certain amount of time.

Transferring Data that is Personal

Information that is personal and identifies you, will be handled through the main office of the Company and any place designated for processing to take place. The designated places may also involve computers and databases that are out of your area or country where the laws governing the data are different.

By agreeing to our privacy policy and sharing your information, you are consenting to the transfer of your data. 

We will implement appropriate measures to ensure your data’s security and protection, preventing it from being shared with other parties unless done so securely. This encompasses all data security measures and protection of personally identifiable information.

Personal Data Disclosure

Company Transactions

If any asset is sold or a company transaction takes place, the data you provide could be transferred. You will be notified beforehand if a transfer takes place, and the privacy policy may differ.

Disclosing to the Authorities

If legal circumstances arise, then data that is personal may be disclosed. This may be done through requests made for data by authorities.

  • Other Requirements that are Legal in Nature
  • Data disclosure may take place if the following needs to take place:
  • Legal liability protection
  • Company property and rights are protected
  • Legal compliance
  • User safety is protected
  • The investigation of fraud and other crimes

Personal Data Security

Securing personal data is an important part of our business. However, it is important to keep in mind that there is no security measure that is completely safe and secure. Although we do make attempts to ensure that protection and security are maintained for all data.

Personal Data Details Concerning Information

Access to data is obtainable by providers only if tasks are completed in which we request and where data is not to be disclosed or utilized outside of the main purpose for access.

Data Analysis

Third-party’s may be utilized to analyze data related to the service provided.

Sharing Advertisements

Advertisements may be shared through a service provider in order for our service to be maintained.

Remarketing Efforts

We may implement remarketing efforts to utilize third-party services to remarket to the user once a web page has been visited. The ads use the cookies obtained to make a direct marketing effort determined by previous web visits. When you choose to opt out, please make the appropriate selection. 

Privacy of Children

The service does not cater to those younger than 13 years of age. No personal information is collected knowingly which identifies a minor. If you discover that your child has provided identifiable information, it is important to contact us immediately. When we realize that the information identifies a minor, we will immediately have the information deleted from all databases and servers.

Limitations may also be placed on how data is collected for individuals older than 13 years. Occasionally, we may not be able to fully offer complete service functionality to each user.

When consent is obtained in a legal manner to process personal information and consent is required by law, the individual’s parents will be contacted for said consent before data collection occurs.

External Website Links

The service we provide could involve links to external websites that are out of our control. As an external link is clicked, redirection will occur to the link’s landing page. It is advised that every privacy policy is reviewed for each web page that gets visited. Because of our inability to control activity outside of our website, we are not liable for any privacy breach that may occur with a third party.

Privacy Policy Changes

This privacy policy may be altered or updated as we deem necessary. Users will be notified when a change or update occurs through the posting of an updated version of this privacy policy.

Please take the time to review this privacy policy regularly in case of any changes being made. All changes become effective once the updated policy is up.

Contacting Us

When there are questions concerning the privacy policy, you should be in touch with us.