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Leaks Through Mortar Joint

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!
Leaks and damps are what usually spoil a good basement. Water enters a house in many different ways, and for many different reasons. Motor joints, for example, are a possible entry point of water. This normally occurs when your home’s foundation is constructed using cinder block, brick or stone, rather than concrete. Water traces its path through the mortar, and ultimately leaks into your basement.

What To Look Out For With Leaking Mortar Joints?

One can easily spot the signs of a leaking mortar joint. The following are the signs to look out for:

Some blocks or bricks may have a wet appearance, particularly around the mortar

If some bricks seem to be wearing out faster than the rest of the wall, then this is a sign of a point of entry. The mortar could possibly be deteriorating on some bricks.

Water stains may appear on the inside walls, and further examination may show that the water came through the mortar

Water can trace its path through the mortar, and eventually running the walls down and emerging in the basement. If there are puddles beneath the wet bricks, then there exists a bad leak that is undoubtedly related to the mortar joint.

If your property has a block for a wall, it can be more challenging to identify the problem. In such a case, water can seep through the mortar, reach the hollows of the brick and appear inside the home many feet away from the actual entry point.


Why Does This Happen To Mortar Joints?

There are many reasons for mortar joint leaks. Mortar can basically wear out over time, particularly when exposed to harsh conditions and weathered. Poor construction may also contribute to quicker deterioration of the mortar especially when bad quality materials are used or if they are laid too thin.

Essentially, if water floods in your home or the exterior walls are assaulted due to heavy rains, water will flow with less resistance. This could possibly be through the brick itself, or through the mortar. Water always finds a path. This is the reason why it is imperative to install the appropriate waterproofing and drainage systems to inhibit water from tracing a path through your mortar and walls and eventually into your home.

What Leaking Mortar Joint Solutions Are Available?

Regardless of the problem, Aquatech Waterproofing offers a highly effective solution that will ensure your property stays nice and dry. When it comes to leaking mortar joints, there are many solutions that can be put in place. You can make arrangements for consultation with us so that we can identify and diagnose the problem and deliberate on possible solutions with you at length. The solutions may include interior waterproofing such as constructing delta membrane walls to direct the water into a drainage. We can also fix weeping tiles that will securely and stealthily carry water away from your home. Another option is exterior waterproofing. We can completely waterproof your exterior walls with a membrane that will make sure that water never touches your foundation. This is a very effective solution, particularly when paired with exterior drainage to stop water from flooding in your home.