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7 Waterproofing Tips When Finishing Your Basement


Making a basement in the home, so taking care of basement waterproofing Toronto must be your primary task. Eh? If yes, then you should consider these seven tips for waterproofing before you finish your basement. 

Why? To make your basement live long, so the beauty of your home remains evergreen.

7 Waterproofing Tips When Finishing Your Basement


  • Use Mold-free Material

While using woods or drywall for your basements, you should take care of the following things:-

  • The wood coating can either be blue or green.
  • Select drywall with mould-resistant materials. It could be homogenous or Fibreglass drywalls. 

Using these materials during the process will prevent basements from termites and leaks and give you wet basement solutions. You can protect your basements for a more extended period. 


  • Spray Foam Insulation 

It is vital to choose spray foam insulation before you add drywalls. Why so? 

Spray foam insulation can cut your cost of purchasing plastic vapour barriers. The material used protects the basement from dampness and moisture. Batt Fibreglass insulation absorbs moisture from the walls of your basement. 

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  • Floor Layering Tips When Finishing Your Basement

When doing the basement flooring, ensure that flooring material should never be layered directly on the floor’s concrete. If you are spending bucks on flooring, spend wisely! Always add a subfloor to act as a protection shield for the basements’ floor. 

How Is The Subfloor A Protection Shield? 

Sub-floors work as a barrier between the floor and the soil. It will keep your flooring dry and warm, resulting in a comfortable walking area. You must install subfloors for basement waterproofing in Toronto


  • Air Ventilation Tips When Finishing Your Basement

The basement also needs air ventilation! Add an air return ceiling or vents on top to make the air pass. A good basement waterproofing in Toronto also takes care of the air passing. 


  • Remodel The Old Windows

Installing fabulous windows in the home and forgetting the leaky basement in Toronto? Not fair! 

You can keep your basement as it is with the old-fashioned windows cracking or shrinking frames; it could lead to overheating basements. 

To avoid unwanted gaps or heat, change your old windows with new ones that can protect your basement and make the space pleasant. 


  • Drains In The Staircase 

Always add a drain in the stairs going towards your basement to keep the water away from the basement. With this, you can also reduce the chance of water collection. 

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  • Make The Space In The Walkup Area.  

Always clear the doors from leaves or debris connected with your basement’s staircase. By removing the unwanted materials, you can avoid overlapping chances on the threshold of the door. Additionally, you can make more space to walk in a clean and clear area. 

All Things Considered, 

Now you don’t have to worry about a leaky or wet basement. For more details or waterproofing solutions, you can contact Aquatech, which offers the best and most reliable wet basement solutions

Now you have our 7 Waterproofing Tips When Finishing Your Basement.