Why to Keep Your Foundation Dry

Why to Keep Your Foundation Dry

When I was in school, I remember learning about the importance of building a solid foundation for almost everything in my life. New skills like mathematics, for example, were supposed to be built on top of a solid understanding of the basics. Those basics served to support my growth as a student and allowed me to learn increasingly more complicated formulas without going crazy. That is not to say that a foundation is only useful in academic scenarios, however, because I believe we know that is not the case.

Almost everything is built on top of a foundation, and that includes your home. All foundations serve the same purpose: to support the weight that we put upon them, be it metaphorical weight or literal weight. The foundation of your home is no exception to this rule. Its entire purpose is to serve as support for your house. That means that if the foundation were to crumble, the house would follow along with it. That is, of course, not a great scenario in which to find yourself. That is why it is important to pay attention to your foundation and heed any warning signs you happen to encounter.

You might be wondering exactly what kinds of things you should be looking for when it comes to determining whether or not there might be something going on with your home’s foundation.

One of the most important and obvious warning signs that there is something wrong is the presence of water.

What does your basement look like? If it is damp or full of water, then chances are good that you have issues that need to be addressed. Leaks are trouble, and letting them run amok is asking for a headache.

Keep Your Foundation Dry

Foundation leak repair is particularly important to preserving the integrity of your foundation. The last thing you want to do is just let moisture infest your foundation and slowly erode it from the inside out, after all. In order to do this, however, you must first determine from where the leaks are coming. Do you have water coming in from outside the home? Or does the water seem to be more akin to condensation?

Once you have determined the probable cause of the leak, then it is time to begin the foundation link repair process.

There are a number of things you can do, but some of them depend upon from where the water originates. If the water is seeping in from outside, for example, then insulating your walls is a terrible idea.

That will not stop the water – all it will do is create the perfect habitat for mold. Sealing the cracks with epoxy, however, is a great way to help keep your foundation dry. Another foundation leak repair tip is to consider waterproofing your foundation!

This will help keep things dry in the long run – so make sure to contact Aquatech Waterproofing today, and save yourself the enormous problems that may arise from having your home’s foundation left unchecked.