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What’s Causing Moisture in Basements & How to Fix It?


Are you fed up with dealing with a drippy or damp basement foundation? Exceeding moisture in the basement or Wet Basement Toronto can be practically unlivable. Regardless of location or weather, the water will get to the basement foundation, creating a massive hassle for the homeowner. 

Main Reasons For Moisture Presence In Basements

Any home you have, no matter where or in which condition, will get a wet basement in Toronto. However, there are generally two primary reasons for this: 

  • first is the surface water, which includes monsoon runoff and melted snow,
  • and the second is adverse groundwater that can damage the basement severely. 

In most cases, the groundwater arrives from an underground stream, spring or high water table. The water source locates its path to slide through the house’s interior in the form of a wet basement that your inspector will detect. If the condition deteriorates, expert agents might require interior basement waterproofing to eliminate the cause. 

However, the good news is that following a couple of simple steps can keep water out from your basement foundation. These steps will help keep the building safe, dry, and healthy. 

How To Fix A Moist Or Leaky Basement in Toronto?

  • Foundation Repair 

That, unfortunately, generates cracks in the wall and foundation. This can make your basement foundation critical to repair. Though your building may get slight cracks on the walls and foundation over time, these openings offer effortless ingress for moisture. 

Covering or sealing the fissures or cracks in the building foundation with a waterproof sealant product will block water leakage and spillage without any hassle. 

  • Basement Waterproofing Toronto

Once you repair the cracks, you may think the water will get no entrance to your basement – but not so fast! Sealing/filling cracks and holes with hydrophobic membranes or polyurethane sealer can only cover the larger voids in your foundation. 

Sadly, water can effortlessly sip in other ways. Hence you will require basement waterproofing services because even after you have barred the foundation cracks, you might still notice water in your basement. 

  • Mould Remediation

If your basement has already developed a mould problem, you will need to eliminate the issue immediately. The wet basement after rain in Toronto is the primary cause of fungus development. It comes with an ever-growing list of health concerns and ailments that can be life-risking if not treated on time. Therefore, eliminating all fungi is vital for your family’s overall health. 

In that case, a professional Toronto Basement waterproofing service can prevent the water from penetrating your foundation and eliminate the moisture.

Getting it dry and clean is daunting if you have a moist/wet basement. Hence, considering these straightforward steps mentioned above can help you reclaim your damp basement is usable. If the condition worsens, you can also contact professional help from Aquatech Basement Waterproofing technicians at a minimum cost of basement waterproofing in Toronto.