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What to Expect From a Basement Waterproofing Contractor


Every company doing basement waterproofing in Toronto will likely have multiple questions to ask before they begin their work. The water problem in the basement is annoying and a huge inconvenience. For the homeowner, it helps to understand and anticipate the questions they likely will receive from the client. Here is a collection of some of the most common questions one is likely to receive; Duration of the stay in the house. Though do you ever wonder what are basement waterproofing systems? With this article, you will learn about the benefits of basement waterproofing in Toronto.

The question about how long one has stayed in their house is not just for conversation’s sake. The answer to this question will help the contractor gauge whether their customer understands the history of their home. The longer one has stayed at their home, the sharper their recollection of events will be. Basement waterproofing in Toronto might also depend on the particular area and its climate and landscape characteristics.

Frequency of the Problem

How often the problem occurs will help the contractor trace and identify the cause of the seepage. Most problems coincide with seasons, like water problems during the rainy season or in winter. Sometimes, the problem can be as a result of another unrelated issue, so do not assume anything.


This is fairly straightforward. The location of the seepage on the floor or in the basement will help the contractor find the exact source, and consequently know where to concentrate most of their efforts on. It pays to be prepared, so take pictures of the seepage as soon as it is noticed. The location of the water on the floor might not exactly be the very point of seepage. However, chances are that it will be close.

Future Plans

Depending on the contractor one goes to for basement waterproofing in Toronto, another question one is likely to face will be about the homeowner’s future plans with their basement. Will it be used for a family room, workshop or man cave? Or will simply be left unfinished and used for storage? The items that will be stored there are also of great significance. The future plans for this space will determine the extent of the repairs that the basement will require.

Past Maintenance

Do not feel like this is a judgment, but the answers to this question are important. How often does the homeowner mow their lawn or do landscaping helps the contractor determine whether the homeowner leans towards a DIY attitude or lives more of a maintenance free lifestyle. Seepage might require frequent future attention, and depending on the orientation of the homeowner towards maintenance, some can safely be left to take care of their homes in future, while others might need frequent follow up visits.

If the home has been seepage free for long but has only just recently began experiencing problems, it could be that some recent change, especially to the drainage system, is the source of the issue. It is important to mention recent landscaping jobs or sewer lie replacements.