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What To Do When Foundation Cracks Appear


wall-cracks-leakingWhat To Do When Foundation Cracks Appear

Are you wondering what to do when foundation cracks appear? You can generally repair them with the help of basement waterproofing Toronto. First, you will need to gain access to the gap, which might require digging. Then you will require a pressure washer or other tool to clean the area surrounding the crack thoroughly. To repair it, you must pack the crack with the appropriate type of cement using a trowel. You will also need to apply a foundation coating a few days later. Of course, foundation cracks need to be treated seriously and are best repaired by qualified professionals.

The above procedure sounds easy when broken down into a simple explanation of the basement waterproofing process.

When You First Notice A New Crack

When you notice a new crack that’s not a hairline but is still no wider than ⅛ inch, it’s probably due to settling, and most likely, it doesn’t present a problem—unless it continues to expand. To monitor a crack, make a pencil mark at both ends, write the date by each spot, or line up a tape measure next to the gap and snap a photo. In addition, measure the width at the widest point. Then write that on the wall or make a note on the picture.

Check the crack at least monthly for several months and make additional marks, and record dates if the damage expands. If no expansion occurs and no moisture seeps through, the gap is stable, and you can fill it with grout, then smooth it out with a putty knife.

Stabilizing a foundation with structural problems can involve several remedies, including excavation around the wall outside, hydraulic lifting, or underpinning the wall with steel. Still, only a foundation contractor can assess the extent of the problem and offer a suitable remedy.