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What Is A Battery Backup Pump?


What Is A Battery Backup Pump?

A battery backup pump is integral to most basement waterproofing Toronto systems. A sump pump in your basement is a great way to keep water out of your home. However, your basement will only stay dry if your sump pump works. That’s why Aquatech Waterproofing recommends battery backup pump installation for your home.

When your sump pump loses power, the water that collects in your sump pit has nowhere to go except into your basement. While a sump pit is designed to collect a lot of water, it can fill up very fast during a heavy rainfall. If you don’t have a backup battery, this water could end up flooding your basement and causing a lot of damage to your property and possessions.

A battery backup can be a lifesaver. There are many instances where your home might not be able to supply the power your sump pump needs. Since heavy rainfalls are often accompanied by thunder and lightning, a power outage is usually a significant risk. A short power outage can be enough for your sump pit to overflow.

A secondary, typically battery-powered sump pump can operate if the first pump fails. A battery-powered secondary pump will have a separate battery and charger system to provide power if the standard supply is interrupted.

Why A Battery Backup Pump Is Important

BATTERY BACKUP PUMPAlternative sump pump systems can be driven by municipal water pressure. Water-powered ejector pumps have a separate pump, float and check valve. The float controlling a backup pump is mounted above the ordinary high water mark in the sump pit. Under normal conditions, the main electric-powered sump pump will handle all the pumping duties. When the water rises more than usual, the backup float in the sump is lifted and activates the backup sump pump. An ejector pump can also be connected to a garden hose to supply high-pressure water, with another hose to carry the water away. Although such an ejector pumps waste water and is relatively inefficient, they have the advantage of having no moving parts and offer the utmost reliability.

If the backup sump system is rarely used, you may overlook a component failure, and the system may fail when needed. Some battery control units test the system periodically and alert on failed electrical components.

The professionals at Aquatech can hang a simple, battery-powered water alarm a short distance below the top of the sump to sound an alarm should the water level rise too high.