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Wet Basement Wall Repair Toronto

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!

Wet Basement Wall Repair Gives You Walls That Don’t Leak

Waterproofing a wet basement wall is usually not as simple as caulking or painting. A project such as wet basement wall repair requires a bit more work than just pouring down the seawall and adding it to it. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to waterproofing a wet basement wall.

As with all repairs, wet basement wall repair calls for careful, detailed planning to get it done right. If you don’t plan properly, you will likely end up wasting time and money on a project that will not hold up.

Revent Leaks With A Wet Basement Wall Fix Toronto

In addition to preventing leaks, caulking and flashing are used to seal the insulation’s seams to complete walls that are less than perfect. Though they do their job well, in some situations, they can easily crack or break if they are not appropriately sealed.

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The Proper Sealant For Wet Basement Wall Repair Toronto

When choosing a proper sealant, check the ingredients thoroughly. The only one that contains polyurethane is safe enough to seal the piping, but there are plenty of others that have harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Another essential thing to consider is the way the sealant penetrates the piping. Most sealants use a thin film of epoxy resin designed to fill up small cracks and gaps. However, this will only work well if the holes are lower than the resin.

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Final Steps To A Wet Basement Wall Fix Toronto

Finally, caulking and flashing are also necessary when repairing loose pipes. While most pipes are designed to move quickly, some are not and are prone to leaking.Whether the leaking pipe is a bad seal or a water pipe that is not straight can still cause issues. Instead of risking damaging the pipe and replacing it with a new one, caulking and flashing are the best solutions.

Permanent Wet Basement Wall Repair Toronto For Your Home

Even when you decide to go with a more permanent solution like complete wet basement waterproofing, you should do a bit of work to protect your walls from dampness, mould, mildew, dirt, and other problems that might arise during basement wall repair. By following these suggestions, and hiring a trusted basement waterproofing company, you should avoid expensive basement remodelling and make sure that your walls stay dry.

Contact Aquatech Basement Waterproofing to get wet basement wall repair from the top-rated basement waterproofing company. Give us a call to get a free estimate and inspection of your home’s basement and foundation.

Wet Basement Wall Repair Toronto With Aquatech

Important Basement Wall Repair Advice

Wet basement wall repair is one of the most critical maintenance a homeowner can make to their home. A leaky basement rarely happens, but when it does, there is no mistaking, the damage and emotional stress caused. Having your basement flooded is one of the most frightening and traumatic experiences that anyone can have.

Concerning this type of problem, there are two types of waterproofing problems that you might encounter with basements. These two types of issues are water seepage problems and walls that have been water damaged.

Wet Basement Wall Repair Toronto After Flooding

There are many causes of basement flooding. Usually caused by drainage problems in the walls of your basement. Some of the most common drainage problems include blocked drain pipes, broken sewage drains, overflows, and clogged gutters.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when looking for the best wet basement wall repair is to use standard methods. It is not advisable to cut holes into the basement wall or try to repair any basement wall leaks yourself. It would be best if you left any cut holes in the basement wall so that your waterproofing services can fix all of the basement walls.

Standard Wet Basement Wall Repair Toronto

The problem with using standard methods is that they are not equipped to deal with faulty materials. It is the defective materials that are responsible for the leaks that were causing your basement walls to begin leaking in the first place. A professional waterproofing company will use a system that is designed specifically for waterproofing your basement walls.

Toronto Basement Waterproofing Company Wet Basement Wall Fix

When you hire a Toronto basement waterproofing company to come to your home, they will take measurements of your basement, and they will also need to know how many people live in your home. This information is so that they can determine how much time it will take them to complete the job. This timeframe is why it is essential to contact a Toronto basement waterproofing company at least two weeks before you need the work done unless it is a basement waterproofing emergency.

Hire A Wet Basement Wall Repair Toronto Company

If you wait to hire a Toronto basement waterproofing company to do the wet basement wall repair, you will only find out about the leak once it has already started to leak. There is nothing worse than having to visit the local hardware store and buying a new wall to get rid of the problem because you have been holding off on hiring a Toronto basement waterproofing company.

Aquatech Basement Waterproofing offers some of the best basement waterproofing services in Toronto. Give us a call to schedule your free estimate and inspection of your home’s basement and foundation.


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