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Wet Basement Toronto

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!


If I asked you to picture a stereotypical basement, what image would come to mind? For many individuals, the idea is that a basement is a damp and musty location that tends to be dark and slightly unpleasant. And while some of this comes about simply because basements were not routinely finished and turned into living space until recently, some of the impression also arises due to the incorrect assumption that having water in your basement is normal. In reality, it is important to avoid water seeping into your basement at all costs.

If you suffer from a wet basement Toronto, then you should reach out to experienced waterproofing experts as soon as possible.

Why is a wet basement bad?

One of the best way to fix your wet basement is to reach out to the experts at Aquatech Waterproofing! Our experienced team members understand how to fix your wet basement Toronto and help waterproof it to avoid future issues.

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Wet Basement Toronto

Wet Basement Toronto Dangers

Do you spend a lot of time in your basement? For many of us, the answer is “no”. While the trend of finishing basements and turning them into livable space is one that continues to increase in popularity, the fact of the matter is that many of us live in buildings without basements that are nicely finished and furnished. And, to be fair, unfinished basements can be rather unpleasant places. It is important to remember, however, that your basement plays a huge role in the strength of your home’s foundation and should never be “wet”. We tend to think of basements as being places that are perpetually damp and humid, but both of these attributes are actually quite dangerous. Wet basement Toronto experts can help you better understand the pitfalls of a wet basement.

Foundation Damage

One of the biggest issues that arises with wet basements is the foundation damage that can occur. When your basement is home to water that never really dries, it can cause your once-strong foundation to begin to crumble and weaken. Eventually this will lead to significant issues that can cause your house to become unsafe for inhabitants. If this happens, you will find yourself paying expensive repair fees.

Dangerous Conditions

Basements that are wet and humid are more likely to grow mold than basements that are not. In fact, humid and wet basements tend to be the perfect places for mold to develop. Once you remember that mold can have permanent negative effects on your health, this issue might begin to seem quite serious. Ensuring your basement is dry helps to greatly minimize the chances of mold growing in your home. In addition to the aforementioned mold growth, wet basements are dangerous on an even more practical level.  Wet cement can be  slippery. If your basement is a wet one, you are putting yourself at greater risk for fall injuries than if it was dry.

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Foundation Problems