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Unpleasant Smell In The Home​

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!
A damp basement has a very unpleasant smell. It suspends thick in the air, and can result in difficulty in breathing. A basement with an unpleasant odor presents a sure sign of dampness or waterproofing issue. It is wise to look out for signs of a leaky basement as this will protect your home from the dangerous effects of a basement leak.

What To Look Out For?

Use your nose whenever you walk into your basement. Take a deep breath as you walk down, see if there is a pungent smell in the air. If there is bad smell, then you ought to look around and try to seek the source of the unpleasant smell. Normally, you will see damp patches around, maybe a leak.

Mold usually has the pungent smell and you should look out for this harmful living organism. You may also find mildew and dry rot. Pay close attention to the crawl spaces, rafters, corners and look for any signs of decomposing molding materials.

Why Does This Happen?

The unpleasant smell usually comes about as a result of the presence of mold and mildew in the basement , which occurs when the humidity levels are high. When the humidity levels shoot above 50%, the conditions become very favorable for mold, and they therefore spread. There is obviously a source from which the smell comes from, and the most probable source will be found near the worst patches of mold. It can come through cracks, foundation walls, plumbing and many other entry points of water. Identifying the primary source of the leak helps in finding a long term solution that will ensure your basement has no unpleasant odor.

What Solutions Are Available?

There are many options that can get rid of the unpleasant smell in your basement temporarily. You can remove any rotting materials and use a chemical cleaner to clean the mold away. If you aerate your basement, it may smell fresh again. You can also use a dehumidifier to regulate the level of humidity in your basement and hence discourage the growth of molds.

However, these will only be helpful in the short run. If there is still a leak in your basement, the damp will be back, result in the growth of mold again, and the unpleasant smell will return.

At Aquatech Waterproofing, we provide permanent solutions that will ensure your home is free from pungent smell. We can pin point the source of the leak then provide exterior and interior waterproofing solutions that will make sure water never enters your basement.

These are some of the issues related to wet basements and they can help determine the right preventive measures and repairs to provide you to stop damage to your home. Aquatech Waterproofing has the professionals well versed with water damage issues and particularly those related to basements, walls, foundations, and floor leaks ensuring that your home remains dry, warm, and cozy to stain in.