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Tie Rod Hole Leaks​

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!

If water traces its path into your basement and causes damage, the room may become useless. Tie rod leaks are among the simplest problems to solve, but they are the most common entry point of basements that leak. Tie rod holes are small holes present in your foundation that allows water to get in. They are also called pinholes or rod pockets.

With the range of solutions offered at Aquatech Waterproofing, we are able to help you solve any concerns of dampness in your basement. Tie rods are small steel rods used to hold forms together during construction, ready to pour concrete.  After pouring the concrete, the rods are removed and this leaves weak points of entry that ultimately channel water into your home.

What To Look Out For?

Tie rods are common in the construction of many homes. However, some modern houses use snap ties, which do not present the same concern. If your foundations have small holes due to the tie rods, it is wise to fix them, especially if water damage becomes apparent.

A sign of leaking tie rod holes is a small stain the size of a coin appearing on your walls, or a stain of leaking water down to the floor. If the leak is too much, flooding may occur.

There are normally 5 to 8 tie rods on a wall, and in this case, the exterior walls are your major concern. You will spot water damage occurring in well-ordered lines, where the tie rods previously were.

Why Does This Happen?

Tie rods are usually inserted into the concrete so as to hold the outer and inner forms together, and provide the structure where concrete can be poured. This is usually done during the initial stages of construction of many homes. They are normally placed with 18 inches of spacing, sometimes in two rows.

After construction, these tie rods are removed, leaving a hole behind. Contractors may fix the tie rod holes by covering them up with hydraulic cement, but with time this wears off revealing a weak point of entry for water.

Water will always trace the path with the least resistance, and therefore water finds its way through tie rod holes since they are essentially hollow. This is the reason for the popularity of the problem.

What Solutions Are Available?

At Aquatech Waterproofing, we provide solutions for tie rod leaks. We either deal with one or the whole wall of tie rode holes. The job is relatively cost effective and straightforward, and involves the application of high-grade sealant injection to bond and fill the hole.

If your home faces wider issues, we still evaluate and examine how to ensure permanent exterior or interior waterproofing solutions, so that water never gets into your basement again.