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Power Failure In Sump Pump

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!

In a home that often comes under huge pressure from heavy downpour and floods, a sump pump may be the best way to protect the structure from water damage. Sump pumps may not be useful to every homeowner; however, there are some homes that cannot do without them. If your home drains a lot of water, you probably need to have a sump pump installed. Homes fitted with sump pumps rely on them in times of big storms. While you may feel protected having installed a sump pump, what you need to know is that the same storms that compel you to install pumps may also cause power to fail and render systems useless.

You will need an expert to deal with sump pump power failure and at Aquatech Waterproofing, we can help. We install power back up systems for your sump pump to ensure that it will not be rendered useless whenever it rains heavily or there are floods. This will avoid a disaster from occurring because if the pumps won’t work, you will not be able to drain away the water entering the basement.

Assessing Leakages

Water seeping on top of your wall presents an obvious problem. Attending to the leaks sooner will address the problem and further eliminates the likelihood of extensive structural deterioration. Carefully assessing the wall surfaces for water seepages in areas between the slab and concrete sill plate is the sure way of confirming leakages. Water tends to form from the top, hence causing appearance of obvious dampness or drips underneath it as it drips.

What To Look Out For?

A sump pump will stop working if there is a problem with the unit or power is cut off by storm. The sump basin is going to be full and water may spread to other areas of the building or enter the basement. You do not want to wait for this to happen because it can be a devastating experience. You had better get things sorted out in advance by installing a back up system for the power. Otherwise, you may need to prepare yourself to bail water out through the window using a bucket, which is very stressful and at times, you may not be able to handle it.

Why Does This Happen?

Sump pumps use electricity for their power supply and when there are storms, the electricity can go off. Storms, floors, and lighting can trip the power mains and result in outrages. In the event that the power does not return in time, the basement may become flooded because the pump isn’t draining away the water. Your sump pump may even break if it is badly made or if you installed the cheap models which cannot withstand extreme amounts of rainwater. All these problems will result in your pump not functioning.

What Solutions Are Available?

Having a back up for sump pump is the best option you have if you have not installed one. You need to consult with a professional to install the back up if you don’t have one. Aquatech Waterproofing can assist you if you need to back up your pump. We offer emergency waterproofing services to help tackle problems such as these. What you need to do is ensure you don’t wait until the power goes off. You need to have the back up already installed.

The system is battery powered and can run for some time helping drain water away from the home even when there is no power. There are also water powered back up solutions or use of generator and these depend on your situation, budget, and preference. In case the unit is damaged, we can repair it or fit a new one.