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Rotted Wood In Basement​

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!

There are several signs to watch out for to ensure your basement maintains its dry state. When there is a leaky basement left untreated, more problems result. Your foundations and ultimately the entire house can be damaged by the water. It is crucial to look at the areas of concern, entry points and any signs that water is entering your home.

Rotted wood is one such sign to look out for. Damp and water damage normally results in rotted wood. If you see rotted wood, then your basement must be leaking.

What To Look Out For?

When looking and examining your basement, look out for any rotted wood in areas such as rafters, beams, panels and wood on the edges of the interior. If the wood seems to be flaking away, damp, rotting or seems to be decomposing in any way, then you should locate the problem source.

Look at the area surrounding the rotted wood. See if there are any possible entry points of water or any damp patches. If there are not any visual signs of damp, wait for a rainy day and observe your basement again for any leaks.

Dry rot can also be evident in wood. This is a type of fungi that usually develops on wood that is exposed to damp conditions. It consumes, weakens and causes wood to decay, giving it a brown color.

Why Does This Happen?

Wood usually begins to rot when it comes into direct contact with water. This could be a result of a leak through cracks on the wall or through the window. Water could also be coming in through your wall and dripping on the wood. Moisture could also be present inside the wood.

If too much water is tracing its path through your walls and getting into your basement, a leak concern is obvious. There are several reasons why this happens. Water may be leaking directly from the wood, or your basement is completely damp and humid. This encourages the growth of dry rot and mold that can easily damage the interior of your house. You need to find a solution, fast. Aquatech can help you when you have issues with wet basement that cause the wood to rot.

What Solutions Are Available?

If rotted wood is spotted in your basement, then there is a damp and leaky concern. This is the time to seek professional help so as to identify the actual source of the problem and employ the best solution. It is highly recommended that your basement is correctly waterproofed and any entry points of water fixed to provide long term protection against damp. Aquatech Waterproofing will inspect your home and identify the areas that are allowing water to seep inside the basement. Depending on the cause, the right waterproofing solution is provided. Interior waterproofing may be applied but the best way would be to have exterior waterproofing so that water is barred from entering the home. We will ensure that your wet basement problem is resolved completely so that you protect the building, its content, and the family or people living in there.