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Have you detected the presence of damp humid air in your home?

There are several different ways in which water can find its way into your basement and cause damage to the foundation of your home. To prevent damage in the future, it is wise to watch out for signs of dampness in your basement. One of the signs to look out for is to follow your nose and see if the air feels and smells humid and damp. If you notice the air is humid, this is a good sign that your basement has too much water, which means there is an entry point for water and a damp problem.

Aquatech Waterproofing deals with different situations of basement leaks. We can handle most of the causes of wet basement including cracks on walls, leaky cove joints, leaking tie rods, or leaky window wells that make the basement to feel damp and moist.

What to look out for?

presence of damp humid air
Presence of Damp Humid Air


You may notice at first that the air in your basement smells humid and damp. You will notice a heavy pungent smell and a feeling of the thickness of the air. Mould and mildew usually thrive in areas that are damp and humid. This is what normally gives the air an unpleasant smell.

If your basement has bad quality air, you should look for visual signs of leaks such as damp patches on walls, rotting materials, entry points of water and cracks on your foundations and floors. Look around and try to pinpoint the actual problem.

Why does this happen?

If air in your basement smells and feels damp and humid, it shows that water is slowly getting into your house. This is not a good sign. Rainwater can easily enter your building if there are weak points that allow water in, or water pushes against the walls of your building. Hydrostatic pressure can also result in ground water forcing its way up your foundation floors and walls.

If water is tracing its path into your house for any reason, there is normally something your house requires to provide appropriate protection against water. This can be waterproofing for the walls or drainage.

What solutions are available?

If you think that your basement has damp and humid air, do not be worried. There are certain home solutions that can be employed to offer relief, but in the short run. A dehumidifier can be used to regulate the humidity levels in the room. Having air ventilation can also help.

The real solutions can only be achieved if the actual problem is dealt with. You need to find out how water and damp is getting into your basement then do something to have it fixed. You can seek professional help from Aquatect Waterproofing for this kind of problem.

Aquatech Waterproofing
offers a full range of basement waterproofing and foundation repair services. With experience of over 25 years, we have been restoring homes to warm and dry states. We are able to pin point the cause of dampness in the air and employ solutions that will ensure no damp ever enters your home.

The solutions we provide include installing proper drainage that will direct water away from your house and prevent it from pooling. We work with only quality waterproofing materials that provide both exterior and interior waterproofing for the walls of your foundation. This will make sure water never comes into contact with your basement and present a problem.