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Pipes Penetrating the Building

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!
Water enters a building through different ways and it can ruin your home or the basement. Whenever water comes in contact with the walls or foundations, it looks for path of least resistance. Eventually, it will find its way to the house if there are cracks or entry points. Identifying the warning signs allows you to take swift measures before damage occurs. Ducts, vents, pipes and conduits are fitted in a building to connect it to services like water and gas. The spaces where these pipes and conduits penetrate the buildings may be vulnerable to water infiltration. They form entry points for water. Aquatech Waterproofing helps you solve problems related to water damage caused by infiltration of water through conduits and faulty pipes.

Assessing Leakages

Water seeping on top of your wall presents an obvious problem. Attending to the leaks sooner will address the problem and further eliminates the likelihood of extensive structural deterioration. Carefully assessing the wall surfaces for water seepage in areas between the slab and concrete sill plate is the sure way of confirming leakage. Water tends to form from the top, hence causing appearance of obvious dampness or drips underneath it as it drips.

What To Look Out For With Penetrating Pipes?

When checking for basement leaks, you may want to examine if there are pipe penetrations. You need to look around the pipes especially where they get inside the home particularly in the basement. Water leaks may be seen around the pipe penetrations. You may also notice dark patches on walls near or around the pipes. In case the problem is bad, you may see water pooling on the basement floor. The ideal time to do the inspection is after a heavy downpour.

Why Does This Happen To Pipes?

During the initial construction of a building or at time of remodeling and repairs, pipes, air ducts, and conduits are installed in the home. These may be sealed using some temporary or inadequate patch. With time, the seal is likely to break and allow water to infiltrate around the pipes. Water that is pooling against the home’s side or increasing due to hydrostatic pressure will try to seek for the path of least resistance. Such paths may include areas where pipes penetrate the buildings because they are weaker points.

What Pipe Penetration Leak Solutions Are Available?

You may have DIY solutions to the problem, which include sealing the areas around the pipe penetration using sealants. However, this only provided temporary relief and soon or later, you will experience the same problem. As the sealant gives way over time, it will allow seeping of water to occur again. In the event that the actual problem is not dealt with in time, water may find another path and start leaking through other locations.

Therefore, it is best you seek the help of a professional to tackle the problem. At Aquatech Waterproofing, we can help you do away with pipe penetration leaks. We use materials such as epoxy resin injections and urethane injections to waterproof the area. These products provide permanent sealing and give structure to the problem area. The entire gap is filled the same way we fill cracks in foundations.

We not only solve the problem of water seepage but also put in place preventive measures. We provide a range of waterproofing solutions that bar water from pooling against the home in the first place. We also divert water so that it does not come in contact with the walls and foundations by using exterior and interior drainage systems.