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Leaking Window Wells

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!

Basements could be used for storage, or it they might be favorite rooms to just relax, but whatever their use, ensure they are kept dry. You could encounter different signs of a leaking basement. If these are identified early, you could save on costly repairs later on.

At Aquatech Waterproofing, have a wide spectrum of basement waterproofing services to service your home and your needs.

Windows wells are a main entry point for water to access interior of the buildings. Though designed to drain off water from window openings, window well may be constructed wrongly or of substandard materials thereby allowing water to find its way to a house. Due to lack of proper maintenance, they may accumulate dirt and debris, get clogged or have a broken drainage, which could allow water pooling and seepage.

Checking For Window Well Leaks

A window well leak is pretty easy to spot, because you will notice water getting in the house directly around where the cracked well is located. You may see some damp or gray patches or stains on the interior surface of the wall, or see extensive wetness around them during rainy days. On suspicion of a leaking window well, one may confirm any leakage by checking the area around the well from outside after a heavy downpour. If water is pooled in any area around the well, then be assured that it will eventually find its way to your basement.

Why Do Window Well Leaks Happen?

There are several reasons why a window well can leak. Its construction may have been improperly done, or poor workmanship was applied or even disrepair leading to improper fastening to the wall could be the cause. Poor drainage can also be considered.

In case of an old building with windows not having been repaired for a long time, they become damaged and badly clogged. This can cause water to gather in the well. When this happens, it can seep in through the window frame, walls, or through the window itself, leading to dampness in basement, particularly around the problematic areas.

Window Well Solutions

The primary solution to a window well leak is the installation of a quality new well that is expertly constructed allowing for a good drainage to direct water away from your home. Aquatech Waterproofing can undertake repairs to the existing window well, or install new drainage. We can even fit a whole new window well system but it all depends on nature of the problem and most suitable solution to be offered to permanently resolve the matter. We will discuss possible options with you, and confirm the extent of water damage through free field assessment and consultation. Based on the field assessments, we can dig down to the weeping tiles, unblock the clogging or provide replacement tiles as may be required before fitting the window well, and doing backfilling and tidying up the working areas. In the event that there are damages to your foundation or basement caused by water leaks along the window well, we can also repair this for you to restore your home to its former glory.