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Drylock Or Sealant Flaking On Foundation Walls

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!
A damp basement may make the room uncomfortable to stay in. It may also cause damage to the property and risk the family from health complications. Due to damp, mold may grow and the foundation may be damaged. You need to look for signs of leaks on basements in order to spot any issues in time and remedy them. One sign of a wet basement is where the foundation wall sealants begin to flake or the paint flakes. It is one way in which you detect whether there is leakage in your basement and could be an early sign of water entering your home. Sealants on foundation walls are applied after constructing the foundation and they provide a basic protection against water ensuring wetness is kept out of the home. The sealants can be applied on exterior and interior walls.  Aquatech Waterproofing can deal with issues such as dampness that results in flaky sealant on foundation walls.

What To Look Out For?

You will need to examine your foundation walls by closely looking at the inside of the basement to find out if the paint or sealants are flaking off. If you see that the surface layer of the foundation wall paint or sealant is peeling off, this may be a sign of damp occurring in your basement. In case the sealant is peeling off on the foundation wall, you should further examine if there are more signs indicating a leaky basement. Check to see if there are any damp patches forming on walls. Look around to see the areas the flaking is occurring after a heavy rain.

Why Does This Happen?

The common cause of flaking sealants or paint is moisture forming on your foundation walls. However, the paint and sealants can also peel as they age. In case water is causing the problem, you will need to contact a professional in wet basement waterproofing. Pressure exerted by soil and pools of water forming against the home or leaks in certain places can result in flaky sealants. Inadequate waterproofing may also cause the sealants to peel off.

What Solutions Are Available?

You can apply a new sealant or paint when it flakes out. However, this may only be effective if it is being caused by aging of these surfaces. In case the flaking is due to dampness, you need to deal with the problem of moisture before reapplying the paint and sealant. You need to waterproof the home so that moisture or water does not infiltrate the walls of the foundation to cause flaking or damage of sealants and paints.

Interior waterproofing solutions allow you to divert water away from the basement. This implies that water may infiltrate the brickwork but still be drained away without adversely affecting the walls of foundation. While interior waterproofing may work well, the ultimate solution is to have exterior waterproofing that prevents damp from getting in contact with foundation.

Any water will be channeled away from the outside meaning that the foundation will not be affected by dampness. The walls can be covered with a protective layer of membrane to ensure that water does not reach the foundation. Drain systems may also be used to channel water away. Aquatech Waterproofing has the expertise and skill needed to protect your home when you find that the paints and sealants are flaking out due to dampness.