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Cracks In Floors

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!

A number of signs will indicate that dampness is causing damage to foundation, basement, and potentially your entire home. Even though it’s common to have floor cracks, they’re mostly caused by water damage and soil, it’s crucial to examine any forming. Having these cracks repaired and sealed immediately will help aid in avoiding a massive amount of water damage in your home.

Aquatech Waterproofing has a range of wet basement and foundation repair services to help handle the problem of water damage for good.

What To Look Out For With Cracks On Floors?

Cracks on floors occur in different sizes and shapes. They are usually noticeable if you look at the concrete on your basement floor. While you may expect to find small cracks on floors, which may not pose many problem, on the other hand, such cracks can widen and become a big issue. Depending on the cause of the cracks, they can develop to something ugly and unsightly often causing possible entry points for water into the foundation and basement.

Even cracks that are non-structural could allow moisture, harmful gas, and water from the soil to enter the house. Bigger cracks can weaken the structure of the building and if they are not repaired, they may result in something worse. You will need to identify the cracks before they grow bigger and wider or run deep into your floor concrete.

Why Does These Cracks Happen?

Cracks on floors will occur due to a number of reasons. Initially, when a building first settles after construction, the floor is likely to shift and form little cracks. The concrete also comes together or shrinks as it continues to cure. These actions can lead to small cracks, which can run around windows and doors as well as the floors. Floor cracks may occur when excess water enters the concrete and makes the surface material weak. Water pooling against a house may weaken the concrete. Also, water that is not drained away properly may also find its way to the concrete.

What Solutions Are For Floor Cracks?

In case you notice floor cracks, there may be a number of options to seek to repair or restore the problem. At Aquatech Waterproofing, we can deal with floor cracks that are causing leakages and dampness in a building. We assess the damage and determine which solution best suits you. We can use hydraulic cement or high grade sealant in case of minor cracks.  But if you are dealing with larger cracks, we recommend that epoxy resin injection be used. For the large cracks, we can also use polyurethane injection. These injections provide structural integrity making the home more stable and firm.

In the event that the cracks are occurring because of a leaky basement, we examine where the water is coming in from and address the problem. We can use interior and exterior waterproofing solutions or superior drainage to keep the basement dry and warm. Don’t wait cracks to become a thorny issue in your home. Deal with them as early as you spot them so that you prevent a bigger problem from occurring.