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Carpet Or Wood Floor Deterioration

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!
Once you have constructed or occupied a house, you want to occasionally look out for leaky basement signs. Whenever you spot dampness, you need to act fast to solve the problem. The earlier you spot the problem, the much easier and less costly you can fix it. However, if you allow water damage to take its toll on your home, you will only have to experience the worst. It can ruin the basement or even the entire home leading to several structural damages. One sign you need to look for is deterioration of your floors located in the basement. These are surfaces and materials that come in contact with moisture or water whenever your home suffers water infiltration. If you find that the carpet and wooden floors are deteriorating, it may be due to dampness in the basement or excess humid or water coming up through the floor surface.

What To Look Out For With Deterioration?

You may be using the basements as your office, bedroom, or some other kind of uses. In this case, you will be able to notice the floor or carpet when it begins to deteriorate. For those who use their basement for storage, they can also check for signs of leaks. One of the easiest ways to check carpets for dampness is walk around and inspect them. You will be able to see or feel dampness, molds, and damages. You may also want to see if it smells moldy or musty.

In case of wooden floors that have been attacked by water, they will start rotting or show dry rot. A dry rot is a brown colored kind of fungus, which consumes wood.

Looking for the source of water entry after spotting these signs is important. It will give you further clues on how and why there is dampness in the basement. You may see a direct leak reaching the carpet or just dampness spreading in the entire room. There may be also damp patches that are noticed in particular areas.

Why Does This Happen To Carpets And Wood?

Carpets will start to deteriorate when they are exposed to dampness and molds and this happens because the basement is wet. Water may be entering the basement in a number of ways. For example, the window well may be leaking or the drainage may be broken. The waterproofing in the building may be inadequate or could have been improperly fitted. All these will allow water and dampness to reach the interior of the house and hence attack the carpets. You need to consult with an expert whenever you notice the wooden floors and carpets are deteriorating.

What Solutions Are Available Against Deterioration?

Aquatech Waterproofing can help you whenever you have problems with carpets and wooden floors that are caused by water or dampness. There are different solutions that may be applied and it depends on the exact problem and its nature. Even if you replace the carpet, if you don’t address the problem at hand, that will not solve the issue. Soon, you will find yourself in the same fate. You need proper waterproofing and drainage to prevent leaks and damp. Using our interior and exterior damp prevention and waterproofing, we can ensure that you don’t suffer leakage problems or dampness in your basement again.