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Basement Flooding Warning Signs

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!
Basements are prone to flooding because of the way they’re constructed. They form the lowest level of the house and are often constructed underground, making it easier for water to leak into the foundation. Imagine having to repair the basement due to damage occurring after a heavy rain. Water attacks the foundation walls and home, as well as your family. Not only that, there’s also the issue of having to dispose of furniture and irreplaceable items as well as losing space due to seepage after a heavy rain. Well, you need to know what causes basement flooding and how to prevent and save yourself the agony and loss. Aquatech Waterproofing can help prevent flooding and leaks in basement. In case the basement has already suffered the damage, we can as well fix that. Get in touch with our professional team if you have issues of wet basement and we will be more than willing to take the mess out of you. Obviously, if you find that water has been pooling in your basement, it means you did not look at the warning signs and identify the problem in time. Identifying the telltale signs of leaky basements allows you to unearth the problem before it wreaks havoc on your building. You can be able to seek a professional hand early in advance to remedy the problem. Fortunately, leaks on basement are a common thing and they can easily be noticed by looking at the warning signs. Here are some of the signs that could indicate what your basement is experiencing.

Over Top of Wall

Wall Crack

Dump and Humid air

Mortar Joint

Floor Cracks

Unpleasent Smell

Mold And Mildew

Cove Joint


Clay Slit

Drylock Flake

Sump Pump Leaks

Window Well Leaking

Tie Rods Leaking

Pipe Penetration Leakage

Carpet or Wood Floor Deterioration

Rooted Wood

Drain Tile Leaks

Keeping your basement in good condition requires firm attention to signs of basement flooding. Having leaks in basements is a very common problem. That is why at Aquatech Waterproofing, we are well aware of the different types of flooding or water damage and the signs to look for when you suspect dampness. The following include the signs to pay close attention to:

Carpet or Wood Floor Deterioration


Clay Silt


Cracks in floors


Clogged Drain Tile


Cove Joint leaks


Damp and humid air


Drylock flake

Basement Waterproofing Toronto



Harmful Mold and Mildew


Leakages Over Top of Wall


Leaking Window Wells


Leaks Through Mortar Joint


Pipe Penetration Leaks


Rotted Wood


Sump Pump Power Failure


Tie Rod


Unpleasant Smell


Wall Cracks



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