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Understanding the Differences Between Exterior and Interior Waterproofing


Exterior and interior waterproofing Toronto are two different concepts. The first one prevents water from coming to your basement and water clogging your house, while the second one helps reroute the clogged water away from the basement. 


The functionalities of exterior and interior waterproofing can help us differentiate between them. Basement waterproofing in Toronto is quite a popular service among the residents because heavy rainfall occurs throughout the year. 


Let’s discuss in detail the differences between these two concepts.


What Are The Differences Between Exterior And Interior Waterproofing?


While you try to make your basement waterproof, you will learn about two different concepts. One is interior basement waterproofing Toronto and the second one is exterior basement waterproofing Toronto. Here we will discuss the differences among them.


  • Type of Work: 

Interior waterproofing works from inside the basement; it can only function when water is clogged around. So, it cannot perform any duty to prevent rainwater penetration into the house. 


On the other hand, exterior waterproofing mainly functions to prevent outside rainwater entry into the basement.


  • The Infrastructure Used: 

Exterior waterproofing Toronto functions with the help of gutters and downspouts, which collects the water and sends it away using external drainage systems. 


Also, an exterior lamination or a waterproofing membrane is used around the home foundation to make sure your home foundation doesn’t soak any moisture. 


Interior waterproofing uses pipes and drains that collect water leakage and store it into a sump pit similar to a basin. Then a sump pump is used to send the water away from that sump pit. 


Also, a vapour barrier is used to seal out the moisture from the interior wall of the basement. A Vapor Barrier is a foil or plastic sheet that can prevent water from soaking.


  • Type of cost

As exterior waterproofing needs some infrastructural change, it is a costlier process. Contrary to that, interior waterproofing of the basement requires less funding.


While interior basement waterproofing in Toronto may cost you less, you may need to make some significant investment in installing a few amenities for exterior waterproofing.


Aquatech Basement Waterproofing is one of the famous providers of waterproofing services in Toronto. You can get more information on the differences between interior and exterior waterproofing from our professionals. 


However, exterior basement waterproofing in Toronto is more popular than interior waterproofing, as effective exterior waterproofing won’t allow water to enter the house. 


When dealing with heavy rainfall, exterior waterproofing is always the best, while Interior waterproofing works only when the water gets logged into the basement. Extreme rainy weather in Toronto requires both practical exterior and interior basement waterproofing Toronto to fight heavy rainfall.


How To Get The Best Waterproofing Services In Toronto? 


If residents want information on basement waterproofing service providers in Toronto, they can browse the internet and look for the companies providing the best waterproofing services in Toronto. 

AquaTech Basement Waterproofing is one of the most trusted companies for waterproofing services and basement repair services in Toronto.