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Types of Systems For Exterior Waterproofing Toronto


Basement waterproofing helps prevent your house foundation and basement from being destroyed by water. There are a number of systems to help protect your home. Exterior waterproofing Toronto is one of the ways to help residents mitigate the risks of their houses being destroyed by water. Our techs will always let you know the benefits of basement waterproofing in Toronto when you ask.

Underground water may affect the stability of your house. It is important to implement measures that will reduce the risk of water destroying the foundation of your house and entering the basement. Having a reliable waterproofing system will help you evade several risks that are associated with a poor drainage system.

Poor drainage can affect the stability of the walls, the floor of your house, or even cause growth of moulds within your house because moisture finds its way into the basement – beware of signs of waterproofing to ensure a safe living environment. You should know about the primary waterproofing systems.

Here are the common exterior waterproofing systems you can apply to protect your house:

French drains

French drains form a good means of getting rid of excess water even within your compound and around your foundation by carrying the water away from the foundation of the house. Installing a French drain system helps to reduce waterlogged spots within the foundation of the house hence reducing the chances of causing water damage.

Moreover, draining away water helps to reduce the hydrostatic pressure posed on the walls, and this helps to rid the foundation of the house chances of being destroyed. French drains have been used for many years and have been having a significant impact in basement waterproofing. These drains are very reliable in removing water away from the basement hence keeping it dry and safe from the pressure posed by water.

Membrane barriers

With this type of waterproofing, a membrane is installed at the base of foundation walls to form a physical barrier that prevents water from destroying it. Membranes are very effective since they prevent even water pressure from destroying the walls and the foundation of the house. Through exterior waterproofing Toronto, homeowners can keep their properties protected. The membranes create a barrier that prevent water from getting in contact with the walls and foundation. Membrane barriers are made of durable materials and are long lasting thereby giving your home quality protection
against water destruction.

Exterior wall coating

Several wall coating products can be used to protect your house foundation against destruction by underground water. Asphalt base or polymer products can be used to form a coating at the basement of your house and walls to protect them against them water thereby minimizing or stopping the issue of water damage.

Sealing cracks

Open cracks can widen over time and cause serious damage to your home foundation by allowing water to seep into the house. Sealing apparent cracks in walls or floors which are visible will prevent them from expanding to levels that are unmanageable. It is important to take action when the cracks are small to prevent a situation whereby the whole house will have to be demolished because of a weakened foundation.

A Sump pump system may be used where a large amount of water is getting into the house and posing a serious threat to your house and family. The sump pumps system helps keep your basement dry at all times by pumping out any water that collects in the sump basin.

You can choose the best method that suits your waterproofing needs and preferences from the different solutions of exterior waterproofing Toronto. You should access your services from professionals who understand your needs clearly to get the best solutions.