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Top 10 Tips from Waterproofing Contractors Hamilton


The problem usually starts with one minor leak. And if you don’t pay attention, it grows and grows until there is a major mess and then you find yourself surrounded by a lot of expenses that you will have to pay upfront to get the problem of a wet basement Hamilton fixed. It is absolutely necessary that you pay attention to the minor leak only and save yourself the huge repairing and maintenance costs in the future that your negligence might cost you.

Here are top ten tips from waterproofing contractors Hamilton to help you tackle the issues from a minor leak to major excavations for exterior waterproofing systems:

  1. First of all do not dry clothes in the basement or keep stocks of wet firewood there.
  2. If it’s a minor condensation issue then ensure good drying systems. Open windows to keep the basement dry. In colder months keep the heat up in the basement.
  3. If there are cold water pipes in your basement then get proper foam insulation on them to keep moisture away from collection on them.
  4. Get Good Gutters- roof drainages are the major cause of a leaky basement. If you live in an area with heavy rains or snows, it is important that you pay attention to gutters. Your gutters should be clean and not filled with debris and they should lie at least 5 feet away from your home to prevent them from leaking inside.
  5. Sloping Soil- it is important that the sloping soil lies at least 6 inches away from your home and it should always lie away from the home.
  6. Plant Deep Rooted Grass- deep rooted grass absorbs the water from the soil around the house and it also prevents soil erosion which might contribute to water leaking in your basement.
  7. If there are only cracks or gaps contributing to the wetness in your basement then plug these gaps with interior sealants or waterproofing paints instantly.
  8. If a lot of water collects in the soil around your house then it will definitely contribute to a wet basement. Make sure you improve your drainage systems so that no water collects and seeps through the soil to your basement.
  9. Get downspouts installed that lead to PVC plumbing lines that run underground around your house and discharge water to other areas.
  10. Last but not the least get professional help to check for any kinds of major leaks or issues if your basement doesn’t dry off even after you have tried a number of DIY methods.
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Basement Walls Leak When It Rains Hamilton

Never ignore the problem of a wet basement Hamilton even if its just a minor issue. Remember the problem will eventually grow and then you’ll find yourself in a mess. Get professional consultations from contractors. There are waterproofing contractors who offer free consultations and quotes on inspection of the property.

Get two three opinions before settling on any one and then get the problem of your wet basement resolved once and for all.