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3 Ways To Transform a Dark and Gloomy Basement into the Coolest Room In Your House


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Richard Greig

Richard joined the Aquatech family in early 2022. He brings over 15 years of experience with him in the foundation repair and waterproofing trade. Learn More About Richard Greig

stop basement leaksBefore you can start on a renovation you need to stop basement leaks. For many people, the basement of their home can be likened to a dark, musky dungeon that is to be avoided at all costs. As scary and unappealing as basements can be, isn’t this just a little bit sad?

We often spend a lot of time and money fixing up the other rooms in our home, yet we neglect the one room needing the most TLC! There are many things you can do with all of that space, so instead of pretending like it doesn’t exist, why not do a basement renovation? Turn the room that no one wants to step foot into the room that no one wants to leave!

Ways to Renovate Your Basement

Below are three fun ways you can renovate your basement and make it the place to be. But before we go there, a quick note on preparing your basement for its grand transformation:

The basement most likely to suffer from water damage in your home is the basement, and many things can cause water damage. Plumbing issues, high levels of condensation, foundation damage and poor landscaping can all contribute to water damage in your basement. It is important to stop basement leaks before putting your hard-earned money into a newly remodelled basement.

You can stop basement leaks in a few different ways, including installing a french drain system, blackwater valve, basement window well covers and a battery backup sump pump. Water can cause significant and costly repairs, so don’t skimp when preventing water damage in your basement!

List Three Fun Ideas for Renovating Your Basement:

  1. Movie Theater – Turning your basement into a movie theatre is one great way to make it the coolest room in your home. You can include a large screen, comfy chairs and a projector to make your basement like a real movie theatre.
  2. Game Room – This is a great option if you have young kids. Pool tables, air hockey machines and dart boards are great toys to include in your game room.
  3. Guest Room – Entertain friends and family frequently. You can turn your basement into a luxury guest room to make sure your guests are comfortable when they visit. The guest room in the basement adds a sense of privacy to give your guests the best possible experience.