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The Importance of External Basement Insulation for Your Home


A basement is regarded as a very important part of a house but people consider basement insulation an option rather than a necessity. However, the benefits that external basement insulation can provide are enough to make it a necessity for every home owner. Minimizing cost all the while maximizing comfort, less energy usage and other benefits include:

Decreases Energy Consumption

Since basement wall insulation helps significantly in regulating temperature throughout the year, the energy consumed with constant use of air conditioners or heaters decreases. In winters, your basement remains warm and in summer, your basement is cool. Any fluctuations in temperature are not experienced inside the basement as the insulation helps provide protection.

Reduced Costs

With basement external wall insulation, you are saving money in two ways: one by the reduced energy and electricity consumption and two by the minimization of needing extensive and expensive basement repairs like moisture seepage, mold growth, etc.

Protects from Moisture

Basement insulation is necessary to protect your basement from moisture. External insulation provides more protection as the outer section of your basement is also shielded from moisture. This protection helps reduce the need for expensive home maintenance services like removal of mold or fungi or condensation. Moreover, your health is also safer with adequate moisture prevention as problems like mold or mildew can cause health concerns.

Increased Level of Comfort

Of course, the comfort that external basement insulation provides is unmatched. A year-round regulated temperature makes your basement a great place to relax in, keeping heat inside during the winter and retaining cold air in summer.

Protection of Home Foundation and Water Pipes

External basement wall insulation is great for protecting two vital elements of your home that can otherwise be vulnerable to damage and cost high maintenance rates: your home’s foundation and water pipes. In cold temperatures, your home’s foundation can be damaged due to the freezing and melting cycles. However, external insulation can effectively protect the outer structure and soil from such damage. Moreover, water pipes which are present in every home can be protected from freezing, which is a problem in itself and can cause further damage as well. Insulated basement walls keep the water pipes safe.

Increases Home Value

Every homeowner is concerned with the value of their home and taking home improvement measures is known to increase the value of any home. External basement wall insulation is one such measure that increases the durability, livability, longevity, and comfort of a home which is bound to increase your home’s overall value. Furthermore, increasing your home’s attractiveness also helps in increasing its value and external wall insulation in your basement can help you easily modify and decorate its walls as it reduces the potential risk of walls damaged by moisture.