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The Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement


Learn About The Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

You may not be aware of the many benefits of waterproofing your basement. When looking to improve the value of the home, most people look to the inside of the house, the bathroom, the kitchen and perhaps the outside walls and roof. Many rarely look seriously at the basement as a part of the house that needs constant care and maintenance. One of the most persistent and stubborn problems associated with basements is mould and leaky basements. When this problem arises, it is essential to deal with it as soon as possible. Here are some of the advantages of conducting regular leaky basement repairs.

Health Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

Believe it or not, the harmless mould and mildew problem in the basement can be a severe health risk. The growth of black and toxic mould happens rapidly. Within about 48 hours, there is almost always some mould growing on damp surfaces and walls. Imagine having ignored the problem for some months or years. Contact with this mould can be poisonous to members of the family. The humid air from the leaky basement might also cause respiratory complications.

Damage Repair Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

Most people use the basement to store everything from old paperwork to furniture. Some might even go as far as using the basement as an extra room, family lounge or library. Whatever the case, the basement is useless as a storage space without regular leaky basement repair and maintenance. The seeping water will easily damage books and furniture and leave them susceptible to pests.

The House

Without leaky basement repair, the seeping water can mess with the house’s structural integrity. This is why dealing with a leaky basement problem involves interior and exterior steps for many people. The water not only seeps into and damages the items within the room but also gets into the walls. The walls might then become weaker and collapse. Wood is especially vulnerable to wood rot and is susceptible to wet termites. Not many people realize it, but problems with leaky basements might affect even the home’s roofing.

Peace of Mind

Sometimes it is more than keeping the things in the basement safe. The water problem in the basement is annoying, and dealing with it once and for all is priceless to every homeowner. Additionally, a basement without issues improves the value of the house. Basements typically account for up to a third of the floor space of a typical house. They are essentially another floor, and under this deserve as much attention as the rest of the house.

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