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Subsidy Program For Basement Flooding Protection In Toronto​

Basement Waterproofing For Your Leaky Basement? We Can Help!

Due to changes in water pressure, several storms, extensive flooding and inadequate sewerage network, many premises suffer from basement flooding. In cities like Toronto, this problem continues and is reaching unprecedented levels and only worsening. Despite the sewer capacity enhancement works being undertaken by Toronto City, it is still unable to control the vice.

While Toronto City administration focuses on improving the pipelines and sewers, it also recognizes that this may not stop flood damage within the households. In order to help homeowners tackle the problem of basement flooding, it has introduced subsidy programs to prevent the menace. Homeowners can have flood prevention devices fitted at reduced cost where the City caters for much of the cost ranging up to $3,400 for a property. Such subsidies apply to sump pump installation, pipe severance and capping, and backwater valve installation.

To receive the flooding control subsidies, homeowners need to meet certain criteria. They must be registered homeowners occupying their house. They must fill in the subsidy application forms and be willing to get the services from reputable contractors like Aquatech Waterproofing.

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Sump Pump Subsidy Toronto

Sump pumps come in varying designs and capacities. Properly installed pumps discharge water quickly from the property and direct them to where water is required. In case of rains, they are able to pump water from basement fast. Sump pump subsidies can cover up to 80 percent of the cost of installation or to a maximum value estimated at$ 1750. The subsidy can be used to install sump pump, replace the existing one or install backup system for the sump pump.

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Valve Backflow Prevention Subsidy

Excess rains cause backflow due to overstretched drainage system. Backflows are controlled by the installation of a backflow valve. They are intended to prevent water from flowing back into the premises and flooding basement areas. Backflow valves have flaps set within the pipe works, allowing water to flow only in one direction. Therefore, even in the event of torrent rain, they prevent basement flooding by letting water flow out but not back in the basement.

Experience has shown that installations of these devices are highly efficient in flood control. The city of Toronto subsidies backwater valve installation up to 80 percent of the cost or up to an estimated $1,250.

Take Advantage Of The Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

Homeowners having properties in cities where flood control subsidies are provided should register to benefit from such schemes. At Aquatech Waterproofing, we guarantee excellent flood control services for all homeowners both with and without the flood control subsidies. Since these installations are fast, they save time and with the subsidies, they surely save money.

Acting now can protect your property against potential damages occasioned by flash floods, torrent rains and inclement weather. Instead of waiting for your property to be damaged, causing it to depreciate in value, making you lose tenants, and leaving you several thousand of dollars poorer, why not stitch the problem in time?

We at Aquatech Waterproofing services can help homeowners desiring to utilize these subsidies on the procedure of application and requirements. Once applications have been approved, homeowners can spent as slow as 20 percent of the costs of these crucial flood prevention projects.