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Secure Your Home With A Sump Pump Battery Backup Installation


In case of heavy flooding or thunderstorm, electrical power might go out, leading to the loss of electricity to your primary sump pump in the basement. If a pump fails to turn on once water enters your home, this could cause extensive and costly water damage – thus raising doubts about a sump pump installation work in Toronto.

 Therefore you need to secure your house with sump pump repair in Toronto to be safe and sound in case of flooding or weather mishap.

Importance Of Sump Pump Battery Backup – As Explained By The Experienced Technicians Of Sump Pump Installation Services In Toronto.

The primary sump pump relies on electricity; therefore, basement flooding can occur within a few hours when the power goes off in case of weather mishaps.

What do you do then? 

Here’s what is explained by the sump pump installation experts in Toronto

  • The Reason You Need A Battery Backup

These battery backup systems provide a sump pump with the electricity needed to power a backup sump pump during outrage. The battery backup systems use heavy-duty batteries that act as a power source in an electrical outage. 

  • The 2-Stage System 

Sump pump battery backup systems are often two-stage systems, as explained by the sump pump installation experts in Toronto

Stage 1: When the home’s power is on, the primary sump pump will use electricity for power. 

Stage 2: In a power outage, the battery backup system will kick in and provide the energy needed to power the backup sump pump.

What To Look For In Sump Pump Battery Backup?

  • Water-Resistance capability

A sump pump backup system battery must be in a water-resistant protective case. This case allows the battery inside to go with the sump without worrying about an electrical short occurring if you experience a leak. You can take help from the leaky basement waterproofing services in Toronto in this case. 

  • The Alarm System

These backup system batteries can withstand six to eight inches of rising water. The sump pumps rely on electricity; many backup systems have an alarm that will sound if the battery backup gets activated; it will be taken care of by a professional sump pump installation in Toronto will take care of it. 

This alarm alerts the house owners that the sumps are not getting power from the home’s electrical wiring system. If the alarm sounds, the homeowners should immediately contact their sump pump installer to minimize the risk.

  • The Runtime

Different batteries have different powers. Shorter the run time, the more influential battery. Batteries have different longevity based on the AH. This longevity vividly helps, in the long run, to save money for sump pump repair work in Toronto.

Check for the Quality of the Battery

  • Clean-up/ Replace the Terminals

Getting a better quality battery is important and might not run down before power comes back. These battery water levels must be checked every few months, and the terminals must be cleaned twice a year and replaced every five years by a trusted basement lowering service in Toronto.

  • Safety Batteries

Some manufacturers might offer you batteries that are marine-rated, which provides safety against moisture and sustains more than the standard 12-volt battery. This provides safety and peace of mind in flooding or heavy rains.

  • Adding Battery Backup

You can add a battery backup to the system if anyone has an existing sump pump without a battery backup. This backup acts as a sensor between a sump pump and the current electrical supply. 

Why Do You Need Professionals For Sump Pump Battery Backup Installation?

Electricity and water do not mix; therefore Battery backup system is better left to the professionals of sump pump installation in Toronto. They are highly trained and have experience installing, repairing, and maintaining the system. These sump pumps ensure the house remains dry even if the power goes out.