Rain Causes Basement Leaks

Is Rain Causing Basement Leaks In Your Home? We Can Help!

Rain Causes Basement Leaks

So how do we know whether a rainstorm has caused a basement leak? The easiest way to determine if the water has leaked from a basement is to check the ceiling for holes. If there are no visible signs of a hole in the ceiling, the water has likely leaked from somewhere else in the basement. This article will help you identify which areas of the basement you should investigate.

Exterior Basement Leak

The first location you will want to check is around the exterior walls of the basement. If the wall of your basement is painted, you should be able to tell a difference between an area where the walls were painted and an area where they are not. The walls will be different colours, as well. This is a good indicator that water has leaked into the basement and the roof must have some sort of water damage. It is also possible that mould or mildew has formed if there is a lot of mould in the attic area of your house.

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Basement Ceiling Leak

Check for water spots on the ceiling as well. Water stains on the ceiling will indicate that there is a leak from somewhere else. If you find small, dark spots near the floor or the walls, this can indicate that water has been leaking onto the carpet, or the area is wet. It may be difficult to detect a water spot with the naked eye, but it is possible to do so with the right equipment.

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Basement Leaks From Rain Can Cause A Multitude Of Issues

Basement leaks may also cause a sump pump to malfunction. When a basement is filled with water, it tends to expand, causing pressure to build under the sump pump. If the pump is not working properly, it could eventually overflow.

Rain causes a lot of different things to happen in a house. Some examples of these problems include damp basements and cracked basement ceilings. To stop rain from causing these problems, you should make sure your home is properly insulated, waterproofed, and has enough space between the foundation and any walls to allow for the proper drainage.

Rain Causes Basement Leaks With Aquatech

Repair Basement Leak

In most cases, basement leaks can be solved by repairing the basement ceiling. In cases where the leak is coming from somewhere else in the house, you can also try to fix the ceiling itself. One solution you may want to consider is to place plywood over the hole that is causing the water to leak. This will prevent the water from leaking through, keeping the building dry.

Consider Calling A Professional Contractor

If you are still unsure about what causes a basement leak, it may be a good idea to call a professional. A professional can examine the interior of the building and come up with a plan to solve the problem. It is always best to call someone with experience who can work on your type of basement. because they can be able to get to the root of the problem quickly. Rain causes a lot of different things, including basement leaks. If you need to find out what caused the leak, you should contact a reputable repairman as soon as possible to make sure that you get the job done right the first time. A professional basement contractor will be able to assess the situation and give you a plan that will fix the problem effectively.
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Paul BarnhillPaul Barnhill
19:32 28 Mar 23
Aquatech was wonderful right from the first contact to having Richard come out and give us a very complete and detailed quote to the two man crew who were here exactly on time and completed the day hours ahead of time. All the locates were taken care of and within a week of contacting them the job was completed. The workman did a fabulous job and were very respectful of our property. They reviewed the scope of the work before they started and asked if we had any questions. When the work was complete it was difficult to see where they had worked and dug the trench. Everything was tidier than before they started. We are very impressed and in a world where household repair companies can be less than favourable, Aquatech stands head and shoulders above any of them. We would highly recommend this company. We also have a life time transferable warranty too. Bravo. We will definitely be telling all the people we know about our wonderful experience. Thank you.
Jeremy MJeremy M
01:16 23 Feb 23
We had a flood disaster the day after we got the keys for our new home. Aquatech Waterproofing responded to my request for help quickly and came to access the damages the same day. They gave us several options for repairs as well as prevention that were fairly priced and a quick turnaround time. They executed our chosen plan quickly and did a beautiful job. They have been very responsive, answering questions about the products we chose and we recommend them to anyone that needs quality work done in a timely manner. Very compassionate and empathetic for our situation as well.
Nataliya PavlishynaNataliya Pavlishyna
15:43 08 Feb 23
AquaTech is very professional and reliable. Valentina was very friendly, she scheduled the appointment at a convenient time and Nico came out to look at my problem. He diagnosed it and gave me a reasonable price. We went ahead with the job. The crew that came out to do it was very knowledgeable and professional. I had some questions and Igor explained everything to me with no problem. I highly recommend this company. Thank you AquaTech!
Nadine NasirNadine Nasir
23:47 24 Oct 22
EXCELLENT experience. Andrew was the first one to arrive and was extremely kind and helpful. Igor and Basil joined Andrew a few minutes later and all three of them worked very hard and finished this massive job in one day. These are some of the hardest workers I have ever seen. There were no hassles or surprises and Andrew, Igor and Basil were very skilled and courteous. Also, Nico was VERY flexible with our constant changes of plans and was very accommodating and understanding. An excellent experience all around - could not recommend more highly!
Anne & FrankAnne & Frank
17:09 22 Jul 22
Much thanks & appreciation to Slava & his hardworking crew for their excellent job excavating, installing weeping tiles & pipe, repairing cracks, waterproofing, and backfilling the 7'-deep trench 27' along the full side of our home. Wow!! On site, Slava, the lead foreman, clearly explained step by step their work including repairing foundation cracks and securing our downspout and other connections better then before. All in all, we are greatly satisfied & highly recommend Aquatech to anyone looking into correcting their leaking basements. Slava -- you & your crew brought humor, sincerity & experience -- no rush job here, just highly competent work by deserving technicians & company. Thanks also to Andrew and Terry for their super fast service with the gas line locate, the fast return calls, home inspection & estimate. Priced fairly for super work + 25 years warranty that can be passed on to a new homeowner. You guys were great!! Highly recommend! -- Anne & Frank - Scarborough
Jules GiraudJules Giraud
17:18 21 Mar 23
I was very pleased with the quality of work performed by Aquatech waterproofing. The technicians were professional and efficient, and they took great care to protect my home while working. They also left my basement clean and tidy when the job was complete. I highly recommend Aquatech for their excellent workmanship and customer service.
This basement waterproofing company exceeded my expectations. They were prompt, efficient, and very knowledgeable about their work. They took the time to explain the process to me and kept me informed throughout the entire job. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of waterproofing services.
Victor DuboisVictor Dubois
16:24 21 Mar 23
I had a great experience with this basement waterproofing company! They were professional, knowledgeable, and got the job done quickly. Now my basement is dry and I have peace of mind knowing my home is protected. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of waterproofing services!
Edcarlos Nunes SilvaEdcarlos Nunes Silva
18:32 16 Mar 23
Terry was friendly, fair, and transparent on his work and recommendations. Other bidders could have gouged myself on the price but he was honest. He kept costs downs but the quality was still top notch. He treated our family like one of his own without being “fake” to get the job. He’s as genuine and real as they come.
Ednei LopesEdnei Lopes
08:41 15 Mar 23
Slava and his crew did a fantastic job of installing piers and raised our sinking front concrete 4 inches. Very courteous, hard working crew! They hand dig as opposed to other companies that wanted to use a backhoe thus, saved our shrubbery and trees. I would highly recommend Aquatech!

Rain Causes Basement Leak Could Be Simple To Fix

Some types of water leaks that are caused by rain can be fixed by simply changing the drainage system in your home. While many people have an outdated system, some homeowners can use newer systems to correct the problem. This is because these newer systems have better technology that will keep water from leaking into the basement, even when it does.

If there are no existing drains in your home, or the old ones are too small to handle all of the water that is being poured into the building, you may want to consider adding roof ventilation systems. or exhaust fans to the home to remove moisture from the air. This can keep the basement dryer from drying out and help to keep any condensation from forming. around the foundation.

Regardless of the reason for the basement leaks, it is a good idea to call a professional if you want to keep the house in a clean condition. This will ensure that your family stays dry and that is free of mould and other harmful bacteria that can lead to illness. Water can easily seep into the basement and damage the foundation and other areas of the home.


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