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Is your basement flooding with water? Do you have water leakage problems in your basement foundation? Are you looking for basement waterproofing Toronto? Do you want to get the quality basement finishing and renovation affordably? If you are stuck in one of these situations, we will help you solve all your queries.
At Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Company, we have been helping homeowners in Toronto for 25 years with the best reliable basement waterproofing services and wet basement solutions. With over 35000+ repairs and 350+ reviews online, we are an experienced company that provides guaranteed results.
We understand that your basement flooded with water can raise numerous problems, including mould growth, water leakage, wall cracks, basement foundation damage, and many more. We will help you to cope with these problems and efficiently manage them.


It’s almost the time for rainstorms and downpours. And you might need to check if your basement needs to get repaired with expert waterproofing services. It might get very nasty if ignored. Water can seep through the possible cracks in the walls and the basement foundations. And can result in basement flooding GTA. This, as a result, will cause numerous problems and a shelter for the growth of fungi.
Basement is the most important structure a building has for firm support. Even though your basement has not flooded in years, it does not mean you do not need to check for any damage. Sometimes massive damage can be hidden inside the cracks of the wall and is overlooked by you. So before you are stuck completely in the chaos of repair and plumbing, you need to check on this.

basement waterproofing


Warning signs of water damage

You can find white powdery form substances on the wall surface and can be commonly found near the floor and the cracks the floor and walls have. This is a clear indication of the damage in your interior walls as well as your basement area. 

Damp, dark spots

Your ceiling can have traces of discoloration. Not only the ceilings, but this discoloration can occur in the interior and exterior walls of your basement.


Moisture and humidity are other major concerns after water damage in your basement. You will feel the mist presence in the surrounding area with an awful smell. This shows the faulty airflow level as well as water damage indication in your basement.

Moldy smell

Water damage in your basement can cause fungi infestation in the area. Molds and mildews can commonly occur if the surface is damp and no sunlight source. These molds can be a very terrible sight with a foul smell. If ignored, they can increase at a very fast rate.

Water accumulation

If there is water damage in your basement foundation, leakage from pipelines can be commonly seen. This can cause the water to gather in your basement and add to the moisture and humidity, which can promote mold growth.

Wall cracks

If there are any minor or major wall cracks in the basement foundation, you must immediately get to the roots of it. The obvious reason for these cracks can be the water damage in the basement, which needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Basement Waterproofing Toronto


Your basement needs more care as it is surrounded by ground, unlike any part of your home. This is the reason that it easily gets soaked with rainwater. As a result, your basement is normally filled with numerous problems like water leakage, wall cracks, foundation cracks, mold growth, moisture, dampness, and withering of the furnishings and floor in the basement area. The most common cause of basement leakage is usually the pressure that is created by water during rain. 

Average Basement Waterproofing Work Costs

If you are looking for a basement waterproofing installer in Toronto for modern basement techniques,  you must be worried about the dollars you are going to spend on it. Basement waterproofing cost is not as simple as it seems, and it depends on many other factors that decide the price range associated with the repairing solutions.

The size of your basement space

You must consider the size of your basement as this variable is highly important to estimate the total cost of basement waterproofing in Toronto. The larger the area, the more material will be required to get the repairs done. The square footage of the area will be a prominent factor for the basement waterproofing technicians in Toronto to provide you with an overview of pricing and other expenses.

The type of your basement foundation

Your basement layout also plays a significant role in this case. If you have a simple basement layout, it will cost you less to repair. But if the case is the opposite, you might need to spend extra dollars for the whole process.

Most modern Toronto waterproofing basements are constructed using the poured concrete foundation, which is usually easy to repair. This also induces less costing required to repair these types of foundations. The homes with block or brick foundations are more complex and thus, can cost a lot to repair. 

Reason for water leakage in your basement

If your basement leakage has a minor cause behind it, you will surely have to pay less while repairing it. On the contrary, problems that need heavy processes and equipment involved while repairing your leaky basement, such as excavating the soil, will require more funds.  

A leaky basement occurred because of the cracks in the walls and floors that can be easily repaired without requiring much effort or equipment. It is obvious why it costs less to repair these minor damages in your basement. 

Selecting the waterproofing method and materials used in the process

The basement waterproofing method is a major factor that decides the total cost of your wet basement waterproofing Toronto. It becomes very important to choose among the different methods available so that you can choose the best and cost-effective way. Along with it, the materials your contractors are using also adds to the total cost. You must ensure that you are using good quality material for longevity.

Basement Waterproofing Toronto Cost

You can get expert waterproofing services from Aquatech basement waterproofing contractors in Toronto that will provide you with the most affordable and reliable services for all your basement problems.

*This chart only shows the approximate prices of the basement waterproofing. The costing may differ on the type of waterproofing method you are choosing, along with other variables.*

Type of JobAverage Minimum
Price (per linear foot)
Average Maximum Price(per linear foot)
Interior Waterproofing $70$230
Exterior Waterproofing$90$320
Foundation Repair$1,550$3,150
Window Well Installation$69$330
Sump Pump Installation$450$3,900
Battery Backup Pump$1,200$4,000
French Drain Installation$150$350
Weeping Tile Installation$190$420
Basement waterproofing tips to keep in mind
Some of the products that our expert plumbers will use in your basement waterproofing are mentioned below
Bakor 700-01 for foundation coating

Our team uses Bakor 700-01 for basement foundation coating to give a waterproof emulsion. This application is generally composed of vacuum-reduced asphalt diffused in a mineral colloid emulsifier. This product contains no asbestos or volatile compounds and gives out an odorless, non-toxic coating. This makes this product very environmentally friendly with heavy brush consistency. This can be used for both damp and dry surfaces to provide a stable and ductile coating.

basement waterproofing in toronto
Aqua-Bloc 770-06 18.9 liters Elastomeric Waterproof membrane

This product is very effective in replacing conventional hot-mop felt ply as well as pre-formed sheeting systems. It is a one-component elastomeric waterproofing compound that is usually applied in a single application. It can help cure through solvent evaporation and provide a heavy-duty rubber-like membrane. The product can be used on concrete, parking decks, masonry foundation walls, reflective pools, and planters. It can easily retain flexibility over any temperature range.

basement waterproofing in toronto
Aqua-Bloc 720-38 (Emulsion based for ICF)

Our product is specially designed for below-grade waterproofing of foundation walls and other structures. This seamless low modulus elastomeric membrane provides perfect adhesion at concrete, wood, metal, polystyrene, stone, preserved wood, and other construction surfaces. It can be easily applied to green and damp concrete areas in one coating or multiple coatings with reinforcing fabric. Our team uses this product to bridge the cracks in your basement foundation. It contains no solvent content and thus is highly environmentally friendly. 

DMX AG Foundation Wrap

It uses a specially formulated Polyethylene for high environmental stress crack resistance to acids and alkalines generally present in the soil. This product is prepared from 70 percent recycled resin and is perfect for ICF, concrete, wood, and specialty foundations. These membranes are formulated to help control the moisture responsible for affecting concrete foundations. The wrap creates an air gap between the basement wall and damp soil which allows concrete block wall and poured concrete breathability. It also provides a clear negative side drainage path that helps to disperse any moisture from the ground away from the membrane.

Ways to stop water seeping through concrete walls

You can follow the basic steps mentioned below to protect your property investment in Toronto and keep your basements dry.

Aquatech Basement waterproofing company in Toronto is 9 times Homestars best of award winner that will provide you with expert waterproofing services. We provide the most affordable basement waterproofing cost with guaranteed results. Our high-quality specialist plumbers are just a call away to fix all your basement problems. We are pro in analyzing the problem, finding the root cause, and fixing it with instant, reliable solutions.

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