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Living in a Basement Apartment in Canada


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Many considering a move within Canada ponder the viability of basement apartments, concerned they might be gloomy and unwelcoming. However, this misconception doesn’t hold up — basement apartments in Canada are often cozy, affordable, and fully equipped, a smart pick in expensive urban areas. Aquatech Waterproofing highlights waterproofing’s importance for maintaining a dry, pleasant basement living space!

What Are Basement Apartments in Canada?

Basement apartments in Canada, especially those in major cities, are versatile spaces that often come with all the necessities of a comfortable home, including a private entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and ample living space. These apartments serve as an affordable housing option, allowing residents to enjoy better neighborhoods without stretching their budgets.

The Benefits of Basement Apartments

  • Affordability: For newcomers or individuals looking for cost-effective living solutions, basement apartments are financially appealing. They provide an opportunity to save money, particularly valuable when you are new to the country and possibly job hunting.
  • Cozy Living Space: Contrary to misconceptions, not all basement apartments are small and cramped. Many offer sufficient space for singles, couples, or small families, complete with modern amenities and a homely atmosphere.

Walk-Up vs. Walk-Out Basement Apartments

Deciding between a walk-up and walk-out basement apartment impacts your lifestyle and comfort. Walk-outs offer ease of access and more light, feeling like a ground-level home, whereas walk-ups are a more common but less bright option. Here’s a brief comparison to guide your choice:


Walk-Up Basement Apartment

Walk-Out Basement Apartment


Requires climbing stairs to enter and exit.

Ground-level access without the need for stairs.

Natural Light

Often limited due to being mostly below ground.

Ample natural light, similar to living on the main floor.

Living Experience

Can feel more enclosed or underground.

Offers a feeling more akin to a ground-floor living.


More common and easier to find.

Less common, may require more effort to find.


Generally less expensive due to commonality.

Potentially higher cost for the benefits of natural light and direct access.

Why Basement Waterproofing Is Imprortant?

A crucial aspect often overlooked when considering basement living is the significance of waterproofing. Living below ground level inherently increases the risk of moisture-related issues, which can lead to a damp environment, mold growth, and water damage. 

Proper waterproofing is essential to ensure that basement apartments remain dry, comfortable, and healthy. Aquatech Waterproofing specializes in providing comprehensive waterproofing solutions that protect your home and enhance the quality of living in basement apartments.

Insurance and Protection

Opting for tenant insurance is a wise choice for all renters, but it becomes even more critical when living in a basement apartment. Given the nature of basements, the risk of water damage from above is higher. Insurance can offer peace of mind by protecting your belongings and covering unforeseen expenses in case of damage.

Is Basement Living for You?

Ultimately, whether a basement apartment suits you depends on your personal needs, preferences, and lifestyle. With the right apartment – ideally waterproofed and well-maintained – basement living can be a pleasant, affordable choice. 

Aquatech Waterproofing recommends thoroughly assessing potential apartments for waterproofing integrity and ensuring any home you consider is up to the task of providing a safe, dry, and welcoming environment.

FAQs About Living in a Basement in Canada

Yes, living in a basement apartment is quite common in Canada, especially in urban areas where housing costs can be high. These spaces offer a more affordable alternative without compromising on amenities and comfort, particularly appealing to newcomers and individuals looking for budget-friendly options.
Basement apartments are both safe and legal, provided they meet specific regulations set out by local municipalities. These typically include requirements for proper egress windows, ceiling height, and fire safety measures. Landlords must ensure their basement units comply with these standards to offer a safe living environment.
Effective waterproofing is crucial to combat dampness in basement apartments. Additionally, choosing a walk-out basement can significantly increase natural light. For interior lighting, a combination of ambient, task, and accent lights can create a bright and inviting space.
Yes, walk-out basement apartments often provide ample natural lighting, comparable to traditional apartments. Large windows and doors that open to the backyard not only bring in light but also provide direct access to outdoor spaces, enhancing the overall living experience.