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Basement Waterproofing

Wet Basement Solutions For Interior Surfaces

At Aquatech Waterproofing, we offer proficient quality interior wet basement solutions. We use only the best materials and up-to-date waterproofing and water control methods. We work to ensure that your basement is repaired and restored to a dry and comfortable state.

Property owners who are focused on utilizing their basements may face huge mold and damp complications. A flooded basement leave possessions ruined and make the place inhabitable. Damp and mold that are neglected and left untreated present health problems, and can also cause the destruction of the whole building structure.  The interior wet basement solutions we provide at Aquatech Waterproofing can resolve any concerns related to leaks, damp, pools of water and mold.

Every Interior Wet Basement Solution Is Different

At Aquatech Waterproofing, we utilize a personalized method of interior wet basement solution. The particular problem areas and seepage is looked at. We then pinpoint and handle damp places and entry points.

While we are able to deliver extensive interior waterproofing for floors and walls of basements, we also make sure that every concern is taken into account. Including the complications that you face with leaky basement, your aims and also your budget.

To ensure that you get the exact result that you want, and that your water concern is solved for a lifetime, we provide a free consultation. This enables us to evaluate the condition and discuss the options available to you from the interior wet basement solution before the plan is implemented.

Interior Wet Basement Solutions

There are several solutions that we can implement to ensure that your basement is dry and comfortable again. We modify the solution to suit your needs, and we use the following methods of interior waterproofing as outlined below.

Basement Wall Waterproofing

As the main type of interior solution, basement wall waterproofing delivers waterproof protection that inhibits mold and damp from getting inside your home. Delta membrane lets the water flow away from the walls instead of getting confined in one place. This is in combination with a sump pump and weeping tile drainage, which direct water away from your building to avoid a crisis. The process is further described below:

foundation repair in toronto

Foundation Gap & Crack Repairs

If damp or hydrostatic pressure has already caused destruction, we can repair any cracks and gaps evident in your foundation walls as well as ceilings.


Drainage Systems

If water collects in one place, a simple drainage system is the best solution. Drainage systems drain water away from your building.

sump pump installation toronto

Sump Pump

A sump pump is an excellent system that gets rid of the excess water in your basement and pumps it outside, away from your property.

Full Interior Waterproofing Systems For Wet Basement

If you need more sophisticated repair to your building foundations plus a long lasting interior waterproofing solution that will ensure the full protection of your basement against damp, then the wet basement systems are the solution. We personalize the work to suit your home. This is a detailed overview of the procedure:

aquatech waterproofing trench excavating

The floor around the edges that require waterproofing will be broken, and the concrete cleared. This enables us to dig on the interior. We ensure that the trench is not very deep, but allows us to cater for the weeping tiles.

Interior Waterproofing Solutions

We then drill holes in the walls. This allows the trapped water to safely drain away.


If there are cracks and gaps in your basement walls, they are repaired. In some instances, this only needs a water tight sealant. If you are repairing bigger cracks, we utilized hydraulic cement to help restore the walls and make sure no water can go through.

Interior Waterproofing Toronto

We apply a delta drainage membrane to the walls. This inhibits any damp, mold, or water from reaching inside your home and lets the water channel through the weeping tile drainage and to the sump pump systems.

Interior Basement Waterproofing Toronto

Installation of weeping tiles is done. These are very good quality piping that will divert the flow of water away from your home.

Battery Backup Installation

The weeping tiles are constructed to lead to a sump basin, and a sump pump is installed. Once the system is active, the water will be directed to the pump, and then let to flow outside of your building and deposited elsewhere in a secure place.

Interior Wet Basement Solutions

We cover up the weeping tile with gravel to ensure maximum drainage.

Interior Waterproofing Solutions In Toronto

We then pour concrete into the trench to an even level with the rest of the basement. We ensure that the area we worked on is thoroughly cleaned up and tidy, ready for use once again.