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How To Stop Water From Seeping Through Your Basement Floor?


Sadly, water is the enemy of all basements; it can leak through a concrete basement floor if not stopped. The American Society of Home Inspectors claims “most new homes usually develop Leaky Basement Toronto within 10 to 15 years, and more than 60% of basements possess moisture seepage, while up to 38% experience the growth of mold due to increased moisture.”


This research is agonizing as you are most likely to encounter the same problem sooner or later. 

What do you do to avoid this? This article will give you an insight into how to prevent and stop it.

basement leak repair 

How Do You Stop Water From Seeping Through The Basement Floor?

Causes such as cracked walls, leaky pipes, open floor drains, clogged drainage, sump pump, hydrostatic, and lateral pressure need to be addressed before attempting to fix. The following actions are to be taken to proffer wet basement solutions to water seeping through your concrete and messing your room.


  •     Get Your Gutters and Downspouts Cleaned

Once the gutters and downspouts designed to channel water away from the foundation are clogged, water seeps in. At least clean them twice or thrice a year to prevent blockage. 


  •     Sealing Porous Concrete

Seal up the bad concrete surface with a silicate-based product. With this spread over the surface, the close and small holes that allow water to seep in are filled.


  •     Repair Cracks And Gaps

Fixing cracks immediately spotted is the best way to stop basement leaks or Wet Basement Toronto. The application of even hydraulic cement to patch cracks in the basement floor gives the best results in sealing cracks.


  •     Check Your Landscaping

Checking out the landscaping around the basement is one way to keep water from seeping through the floor. Ensure the soil around your home slopes away from your house foundation for three feet at least. Add more dirt to keep away water if the soil level slopes your house. Ensure your landscaping doesn’t hold water by trees if possible.


  •     Install A Drainage System

Installation of the drainage system, sump pumps, and curtain stain can help keep water from your basement. This process involves digging up a foundation to make repairs. You can get a basement waterproofing company to get it done for you.


  •     Check Your Plumbing

Most of the threats that water poses on basements drive from the outside of the house, with issues emanating from water and drain pipes. You can amend the matter by checking showers, toilets, and sinks, often regularly. Additionally, you must tighten all lax water lines, plus replace old or bad ones immediately!


  •     Waterproof The Walls

It is another way to prevent basement leaks. You can either do exterior waterproofing or interior waterproofing of the basement walls by painting the walls with a waterproofing product. This process also requires expert basement waterproofing services.


  •     Supporting Joints

Since joints in concrete floors allow water in. It is vital to tauten every joint between the concrete floor and walls with caulk.


Let’s not forget to seal up fittings like pipes that go into the floor.


Final Thoughts

Contrary to what homeowners think, painting only gives a temporary solution compared to Silicate products. Over time, due to frequent moisture oozing from below, the paint will peel and crack. Hence, it is advisable to consult a professional technician from Aquatech basement waterproofing company for Basement Waterproofing Services and solve them for you.