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How To Prepare Home For A Big Rainstorm


Terry Kobatskyi

Terry Kobatskyi

Terry is a reliable project manager with over 15 years in construction field, who has started his career of working in the trenches. Learn More About Terry Kobatskyi

Bracing for Canada’s inclement weather patterns can be a balancing act. The allure of one more summer backyard barbecue might make you hesitate to start with your home maintenance tasks. However, investing a modest sum and a weekend towards your household chores could save you loads of time and money later on. You might be amazed to learn that with an investment as little as $250, homeowners can significantly elevate their property’s flood protection. Let’s explore some simple steps to prepare your home for the big rainstorm! 

Ensure Clean Gutters and Downspouts

The ground status after property construction makes the foundation prone to rain damage. Gutters and downspouts serve the purpose of directing the rainwater away from your property’s foundation, thus maintaining its structural integrity. As fall approaches and trees begin shedding leaves, these systems are likely to get clogged. So make it a point to clean and check them for damages twice a year.

Inspect Drains

Draining systems internal and external to your home need regular inspection. Balcony drains or lower-grade door drains, when clogged, can lead to water accumulation and potential seepage. Ensure to check and clear any debris in your drains including municipal ones.

Prior to waterproofing a basement, it’s essential to understand the regulations surrounding basement waterproofing permits in Toronto. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of obtaining permits, providing you with the knowledge needed to navigate the process successfully.

Secure for Wind Safety

Rain is not the only threat in a storm. Windstorms can transform everyday outdoor household objects into destructive elements. Secure your outdoor furniture and other items that can potentially cause damage to your property or your neighbour’s. In case a neighbor is injured due to an object blown away from your property, liability issues can arise. Hence, verifying that your home insurance policy includes adequate liability insurance limits is crucial.

Trim Your Trees

Old trees and loose branches can cause severe damage in a storm. While removal costs and damage caused by trees are usually covered in your home insurance policy, your premiums can increase when you make a claim.

Check your Heating Unit

Frozen water in your plumbing system can lead to burst pipes, a common cause of water damage. Therefore, a functioning heating system is necessary. A check before winter sets in avoids untimely breakdowns. It’s advisable to upgrade your system if it’s older than 15 years.

Flood Proof Your Property

It’s an unwritten rule that floods will cause damage, to a lesser or greater extent. A comprehensive home insurance policy that includes expansive flood damage coverage can provide respite in such circumstances. But how can you protect your residence and belongings further?

  1. Store valuable documents in waterproof containers off the floor.
  2. Ensure harmful chemicals are kept off the floor to prevent flood water contamination.
  3. Extend your downspouts farther from your property.
  4. Ensure your yard is graded to direct water away.
  5. Elevate your domestic appliances like washing machine, dryer, hot water tank, and furnace off the floor.
  1. Install a sump pump in your basement with a backup power source.
  2. Install backwater valves in your sewage line to prevent contamination.
  3. Install a leak detection system with a supply cut-off feature.
  4. Seal your basement with waterproof compounds to prevent seepage.

Every now and then, storms can wreak havoc despite rigorous preparations. If such an event occurs, ensure your safety, report to your insurance company, document your losses and start the restoration process. Partnering with a trusted company like Aquatech Waterproofing can help bring your life back to normal faster.

Contact Aquatech Waterproofing

Water damage can lead to expensive repairs, making it one of the leading insurance claims in Canada. Hence, ensure your insurance policy provides comprehensive water damage coverage. At Aquatech Waterproofing, we are at your service providing waterproofing services and expert advice to help you maintain your property and prepare for the Canadian weather. So, let’s get started towards a flood proof home.

FAQs About Protecting Your Basement From Heavy Rain

Having some water in the basement after heavy rain can be common, but it may indicate drainage issues or inadequate waterproofing that should be addressed.

Preparation for a heavy rainstorm involves cleaning gutters, ensuring proper drainage, securing outdoor items, and having emergency supplies on hand.

To keep rain out of your basement, ensure proper grading, maintain functional gutters and downspouts, and consider basement waterproofing measures like sealants and drainage systems.

Rain can damage buildings through erosion, flooding, leaks, and moisture intrusion, leading to structural deterioration, mold growth, and other issues.

Rain can affect structures by causing corrosion, weakening foundations, deteriorating materials, and compromising the integrity of buildings over time. Proper maintenance and waterproofing are essential for mitigating these effects.