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Reasons Why Your Basement May Leak in the Winter


You might be stressed by spending your winter vacations with the leaky basements. Spending your entire team cleaning and mopping your house, stressed about the basements leaking. And yes, especially spending your money on costly repairs that could have been used to buy other essentials for yourself or buy gifts for your loved one. And to overcome these problems, it is essential for you first to know why it happens. There are various reasons why the basement leaks in the winter. In this blog, we will take you through these reasons.


Sewage Pipes And Gutters Clogged


The leaks and floods in the basement occur due to gutters and drain getting clogged. Water might start backing up, and it will overflow into the basement due to debris in the drains. Also, inspect the downspouts. If water is getting drained, especially near the foundation, it may leak into the basement. Aquatech Basement waterproofing Company Toronto helps solve sewage pipes and clogged gutters issues.

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Downspouts And Gutters Not Properly Installed


If the downspouts and gutters are not correctly installed, they will also lead to water leakage in the basements during the winter season. Downspouts and gutters get released near your house if they are not properly installed, resulting in leaks. The released water will create hydrostatic force near the foundation and will be the reason for different leakage problems. One of the crucial functions of the water management system is to keep the water draining far away from the house, but if this is not working correctly, leakages will occur. One of the best methods to stop this problem is to avoid throwing debris and leaves into it.


Cracks In The Basement And On The Floors Of The House


The cracks in the foundation and floors are the easiest ways for the water to enter into the basements and start leaking. The cracks that will be there in the foundation would lead to the accumulation of moisture and lead to a basement leak in the winter season. To solve this problem, you should get wet basement solutions.


The Sump Pump Is Not Working Properly


When the sump pump is not working correctly, it will also lead to a basement leak in the winter season. Many basements will have a sump pump installation for the water to get released out of the house, but if it doesn’t work correctly, it will lead to leakage in the water system. A sump pump is designed in such a way that it sends the water out of the basement through the water management system. But if the sump pump starts flooding and does not send the water out, it will start leaking in the basement and lead to clogged drains.

Sump Pump Installation Toronto

You need to work on the basement leaking problem as it might cause severe issues in the future. Basement waterproofing in Toronto is required to solve leakage issues and overcome these problems. You can find the best solution from Aquatech basement foundation repair solutions.


Where To Find The Best Solution To Solve Basement Leaking?


Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Company  fixes all the reasons for basement leakage, providing wet basement solutions in Toronto. Get expert advice from Aquatech professionals and solve your basement leaking.