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Foundation Repair Answers from an Expert


For those who have questions regarding the foundation repairs of your house or just want to obtain information regarding a specific repair, Aquatech Waterproofing is here to answer your questions.

Q1. How do foundation repair companies determine the cost of fixing?

Foundation repair costs generally vary depending on the kind of repair that is needed. However, a few basic factors are considered while making the estimate for your repair. They are as follows:

  • Type of foundation
  • Magnitude and area of damage
  • Repair equipment and crew accessibility

Q2. What are the various available repair services?

If there are minor foundation cracks, a remodelling contractor or homeowner can repair them. However, if 1/4 of the foundation is cracked and/or even shifted, hiring an expert or professional for the job is essential. If you have already repaired the crack, but it is still reappearing, then this is a clear indication that there are some issues with the structure and even for that you would need an expert to come and do the job.

Q3. What methods are used by waterproofing to fix a foundation slab made from concrete?

For a slab that has either shifted down or up or in some cases even cracked, we can stabilize that slab either by mud jacking or using steel brackets and piers.  This sort of work can get done in a day or two.

Q4. If I need to repair a stone foundation, whom can I call?

If you have a stone foundation repair, you can give a call to an experienced contractor who has the knowledge of repairing such types of houses and repairs.

Q5.  How does a waterproofing company repair a retaining wall that is shifting?

In order to align the retaining wall. There may be a chance that a small portion of the Earth may be removed. At times, this problem can also be solved by installing drain lines to help in the prevention of water from being built up behind the wall. We may also use the help of Anchors and helical plates to pull in deep and weld it to the pier shafts. Once we know that the soil is stable, we use a bracket to fix the fall back into alignment.

Q6. How are cracked brick walls and concrete block walls repaired?

The repair of such walls purely depends on the extent of the damage. It is not enough to just go ahead and fill in the cracks. A proper assessment of the damage will give us all the necessary information about how and why this problem has occurred.

Q7. Who should I contact if I need to get my cellar foundation repaired?

Generally, the cellar is the early or crude form of the foundation of the basement and is generally made from bricks and stones. Some of the basements also have a floor of dirt. These sorts of repair work can be tricky or challenging due to the lack of space, dampness and darkness. This is where you would need to use the help of Toronto’s Aquatech Waterproofing Company with experience in historic houses.