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Egress Windows Code in Ontario


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When it comes to enhancing the safety and function of basement living spaces in Ontario, ensuring compliance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC) for egress windows is crucial. Egress windows serve a dual purpose: providing an emergency exit route and introducing natural light, making basement areas more livable. Aquatech Waterproofing specializes in the professional installation of egress windows, adhering to all code requirements to enhance the safety, comfort, and value of your home.

Ontario Building Code Requirements for Egress Windows

The OBC outlines specific criteria that egress windows must meet to be considered compliant. These standards ensure that windows provide a viable escape route in emergencies and are accessible without the need for tools or excessive effort. Key requirements include:

  • Ease of Opening: Egress windows must open easily from the inside without tools.
  • Minimum Opening Area: The opening must be at least 0.35 square meters to allow for safe egress.
  • Dimension Requirements: Each dimension of the window opening must be at least 380 mm to ensure an adult can fit through.
  • Opening Support: Windows must remain open on their own without additional support.
  • Sill Height: In general spaces, the sill height cannot exceed one meter. Basement egress windows have specific guidelines regarding the allowable sill height.

Additional Considerations for Basement Egress Windows

For basement installations, there are further considerations to ensure safety and compliance:

  • Window Well Space: There must be a minimum of 550 mm clearance between the window and the window well to facilitate safe exit.
  • Swing-Out Sash: If the window has a sash that swings outward, it must not impede the exit space.
  • Window Well Covers: Any covers used must be easily openable from the inside without tools.

Why Professional Installation Matters

Choosing a professional for your egress window installation is essential for several reasons. Expert installers like Aquatech Waterproofing ensure that the windows meet all legal requirements and are integrated seamlessly into your home’s structure, preventing potential leaks and foundation damage. Furthermore, proper installation maximizes natural light entry and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your basement space, contributing to overall home value.

Aquatech Waterproofing offers comprehensive egress window solutions, from consultation and design to installation and waterproofing. Our expertise ensures that your egress windows not only comply with the Ontario Building Code but also add beauty and function to your basement, turning it into a bright, safe, and comfortable living space.

Why Wait Any Longer? Contact Aquatech Waterproofing Today!

Whether you’re considering renting out your basement for additional income, creating a safer living environment, or simply aiming to bring more light into your home, egress windows are a smart choice. Contact Aquatech Waterproofing for professional advice and installation services that guarantee peace of mind and compliance with Ontario’s egress window code. Together, we’ll make your basement a better place to live!

FAQs About Egress Windows Code In Ontario

An egress window in Ontario must be large enough to serve as an emergency exit and allow for rescue services to enter if needed. This means it must have an unobstructed opening of at least 0.35 square meters (about 3.77 square feet) and each dimension (height and width) must be a minimum of 380 mm (approximately 15 inches).

Yes, according to the Ontario Building Code, every bedroom in a house, including those in the basement, is required to have at least one egress window to ensure occupant safety in case of an emergency.

The maximum sill height for an egress window from the floor is 1 meter (about 3.28 feet). However, for egress windows located in basements, the code offers some flexibility to accommodate the specific design and structural constraints of basement spaces.

While it’s possible for a skilled DIYer to install an egress window, it’s often recommended to hire a professional. Professional installation ensures that the window meets all code requirements for safety, dimensions, and functionality. Aquatech Waterproofing specializes in egress window installation, ensuring that your windows are code-compliant and properly waterproofed against potential water damage.