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Looking for DELTA Membrane Systems for Wet Basement Waterproofing in Toronto?


DELTA Membrane Systems for Basement Waterproofing in Toronto?


DELTA®-MS is made of a special high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin. The membrane is remarkably impermeable to water and water vapor and unaffected by acidic or alkaline environments. Equipped with highly efficient additive packages, the HDPE is stabilized against oxidation and provides outstanding compressive strength, impact resistance, chemical and environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR).


Whether it be a residential home or a multi-family apartment building, our knowledge, experience and proven products will give your project the protection it needs.

DELTA Membrane Systems specializes in providing products that prevent water from penetrating your building.

The company has been working in the Toronto and GTA area building market for almost a decade and is made up of a team of skilled and knowledgeable Basement Waterproofing individuals, trained to recognize water problems before they start and apply the right systems to keep your home dry and leak-free.

All of the product manufacturers

have met our demands for technical support, service, on-site training of professional installation techniques and written warranties that cover products, performance and installation.
We are committed to being the best in the waterproofing industry so that we can give you, the customer, the best BAsement waterproofing, Wet Basement and Leaky Basement protection for your home in Toronto.

Delta Products warranty


Delta provides a 20-year product warranty from the manufacturer, and a 7-year transferrable Installation warranty when using a Certified MS Installer.

DELTA®-MS(Membrane System) Foundation Waterproofing Membrane. TM Below-grade foundation waterproofing for masonry and poured concrete structures.

Dealers have worked with DELTA Membrane Systems for a long time now. Their service and attention to detail have always been top-notch. The quality of the product has been an industry leader and we wouldn’t trust our projects with anything less. It has been a pleasure working with DELTA Membrane Systems and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Product Description DELTA®-MS is a highly effective waterproofing protection system based on a uniquely formed air-gap membrane. The main component of DELTA®-MS is the plastic (HDPE) membrane, formed in a dimple pattern to create an air-gap at the foundation wall. This unique design allows any water getting past the dimpled plastic sheet to fall freely to the footer drain. This membrane is remarkably impermeable to water and water vapor and impervious to acids and other agents. DELTA®-MS HDPE is tough, resilient and durable with an expected service life of more than 50 years. Function The membrane’s key job, the first principle of fail safe water management is to keep water from ever touching the wall on it’s way through the soil to the footing drainage systems. DELTA®-MS provides two lines of defense. The first is an impermeable plastic sheet that is waterproof. The second is the dimpled structure that offers a free drainage path. In the event that water passes the first line of defense, it can flow freely down the air-gap to the footer drain. Unlike a coating, DELTA®-MS bridges all size cracks, ignores damage points, and deflects water as well as soil dampness. It also allows for the drainage of construction moisture to the footer drain. Residential Construction DELTA®-MS is up to one half the price of conventional waterproofing systems, and offers a complete protection system for foundation walls. When used on the exterior of poured concrete, concrete block, or preserved wood foundation (PWF),

Benefits of DELTA®-MS: • acts as an air-gap and capillary breaking waterproofing and drainage membrane • keeps soil moisture from touching the wall, condenses and drains construction moisture to the footing drains • is a safe, non-toxic product that does not require any protective respiratory or handling devices during installation • installs quickly • bridges cracks and ignores damage points of foundation walls • forms an independent skin around the basement • does not require any special preparation of the concrete foundation wall, beyond code requirements • is environmentally friendly – recyclable Advantages of DELTA®-MS: • high-density polyethylene is impermeable to water and water vapor. • outlasts the life of the structure (will not break down or disintegrate due to soil acids.) • is non-polluting and non-toxic • can be installed on damp or frosty surfaces • installation is unaffected by temperatures (-22˚F to +176˚F/ -30˚C to + 80˚C) • requires no maintenance • available in large sheets, thereby minimizing seams • unaffected by freeze-thaw cycles • spans across all cracks and other surface defects Evaluation Reports (Certifications) Foundation Waterproofing Membrane – ICC ES, ESR-2303 Drainage Layer – CCMC # 12788-R Dampproofing – CCMC # 12658-R

The information printed in this blog reflects product information and specifications at the date of printing. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes when necessary.

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