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Common Exterior Basement Waterproofing Problems and Solutions


Are you aware of common exterior basement waterproofing problems and solutions? The residential and commercial property owners in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, face water leakages or wetting issues. Yet, it will be unpleasant when your basement is found with water for an unknown reason. It does need exterior waterproofing if necessary. Thus, you can trust basement waterproofing Toronto service providers to fix the leakage issue.

Exterior Waterproofing Problems and Solutions in Toronto 

The building owners are advised to call exterior waterproofing companies in Toronto before the rainy season. You might have experienced wet areas inside the building near windows, parapets, doors, and ventilators. You cannot find the real cause when the rainy season is existing. Thus, it would help if you call the reported exterior waterproofing Toronto for a free consultation. They will examine your building and come up with a solution if any problem is there with the outer side of your structure. 

Exterior waterproofing Toronto use construction sealants, crack fillers, hydraulic cement, and water-resistant paints to fix water leakage or wetting issues. They examine and show you the areas where action is necessary. You can avail of their service after agreeing to their estimated cost. They do it within the promised time and do give a guarantee for their exterior waterproofing works. 

You can call exterior waterproofing service providers in Toronto 24/7. They serve emergency services. Yet, they work on the outer side when rainfall or drizzling is not there during the rainy months in Toronto. You can expect same-day service if weather condition permits.


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Exterior basement waterproofing Toronto

Basement Waterproofing for Housing and Commercial Buildings in Toronto 

The residential and commercial buildings built near lakeshores and riverfront areas in Toronto are prone to basement water leakage problems. When it comes to interior water leakage, the basement will be worrying enough as it is dealt with as the foundation of the building. Yet, it would help if you called the basement waterproofing company in Toronto to fix the water leakage issue.

Causes of Water Leakage from Basement 

1. Moisture Seepage

One of the main causes of wet patches in the building basement is moisture seepage. The exact area of the cause will not be identifiable if your basement walls are coated with leak-proof paints. Here, water drops and wetting on the walls happen where the gaps and cracks are in-between the leak-proof painting and the wall. 

2. Underground Lateral Pressure 

The soil under the basement will expand and contract due to water, moisture, and drying in the summer season. The lateral pressure due to the natural condition will cause expansion and contraction of soil under the basement of the building. It would help if you could get professional help by calling basement waterproofing services in Toronto. They come for a free inspection and come to a solution. You can get a free quote and decide if their pricing is affordable.

3. Hydrostatic Pressure

The residential can commercial buildings near the waterfront areas are prone to hydrostatic pressure issues. It is natural, and it will cause damage to the basement. In such places, the water table level will increase above the basement in rainy seasons and comes down rapidly during the hot summer. This hydrostatic change causes the water to enter the basement through cracks and holes. 

4. Low Magnitude Tremors   

Significant cracks in the basement of a building will occur due to low-magnitude tremors. It would help if you insured your building to claim the cost paid to basement waterproofing company Toronto. Such carks need immediate attraction. Your service provider will use Polyurethane to fix those cracks after inspection. 

5. Water Leakages from Pipes  

Some of the basements have a link with drainage systems and sumps. The water leakages from such pipes or overflow can cause wetting in the basement. It is advisable to hire basement waterproofing services in Toronto and inspect your building basement. They are the right people to find the cause and fix it with a permanent solution.

Basement Waterproofing Solution

The techniques used to fix the basement waterproofing in Toronto are of modern type. The service provider uses advanced construction materials and accessories. They use the latest leakage-proofing pastes, cement, and paints to fix water leakages in the basement. They do it as same-day service and emergency repair services.  

Basement waterproofing Toronto is a certified and experienced team of professionals. They have the expertise to find the leakage area and fix them correctly using suitable construction materials. 

It is advisable to read basement-waterproofing companies’ reviews before you hire them. You need to call them immediately as it needs attention and fix them soon. Otherwise, your costly building will not last long. You would have to pay a higher cost if you took action late.