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Clogged Kitchen Drains Causes and Fixes


Clogged Kitchen Drains Causes and Fixes

Clogged Kitchen Drains Causes and Fixes

The kitchen is the heart of almost any home. That is where we spend much of our time, after all. Whether we are cooking, cleaning, or even just sitting around the table with family or friends. It is an important room, in other words, and we rely on it to function the way it should.

That includes the kitchen sink! We often take this kind of plumbing and convenience for granted. Having a sink that supplies us with fresh water and then conveniently removes said water from our homes is incredible. The kitchen sink helps improve our lives and daily routine making it as easy as possible. When the convenience is suddenly gone, it can throw off our game in a big way. In fact, having such a vital component of our daily lives suddenly inaccessible can affect how we feel from day to day. Unfortunately, one of the most common issues that homeowners experience is a clogged kitchen drain. When it comes to clogged drain snaking and what you should know there are certain questions that need to be asked.

Clogged kitchen drain repair is a vital process to undergo once you’ve realized there is an issue. Not only will doing so help you feel better and get back to your daily routine, but it can also contribute to staving off any negative health issues caused by unhygienic, dirty water left standing in your sink.

What causes clogged kitchen sinks?

When it comes to clogged kitchen drains causes and fixes, sometimes it is best to avoid them altogether. It can be difficult to do that, however, especially when you are not sure what causes the problem in the first place. When it comes to drains, remember that they are designed with a particular purpose in mind: the removal of water from your kitchen sink.

Whenever anything that is not water passes through the drain, you risk a clog. From food debris, for example, or bits of paper towel. You should always clear off your plate before putting it in the kitchen sink, and ensure that no paper ware could break down and get sucked into the drain.

How are clogged kitchen sinks fixed?

Depending on the severity of the clog, anything from a plunger to a snake might be used to remove the issue. Should the clog prove to be particularly challenging, it is possible that a camera might be inserted into your drain pipe to determine exactly where the problem is occurring, and what caused it. Once that is known, it is easier to address the issue and fully clean the drain.

When your kitchen drain is clogged, do not wait for the problem to resolve itself! Clogged kitchen drains causes and fixes are commonly found, but not always easy to repair. You should be proactive and contact a professional plumber who can help you better understand the situation and possible remedies. Contact a professional today for clogged kitchen drain repair service!