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Causes Of Leaky Floors In The Basement & Solution


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Having a leaky floor in your basement isn’t fun at all. It’s messy!

Whether the leakage is a droplet or a slow leak, leaky Basement Toronto can damage your carpet, stimulate frightening toxic moulds, and cause a host of other problems. The concern of whether to leave things in the basement or move becomes history if you can get solid waterproofing puts.

7 Reasons You Have Leaky Floors In Your Basement

Getting to know the cause of the waterproofing Toronto problems means you can now get into the heart of the matter. Here are the actual grounds of wet basement Toronto and possible solutions. Apart from hydrostatic pressure being the most significant issue caused by heavy downpours, other common threats include,

Interior Water Leak

You can identify the source of the wet basement Toronto, inspecting the inside leaks. You can also find a source close to where the water is leaking. Toilets, showers, pipes, and sinks are potential leaks. You can do this yourself or contact a technician to do this for you. Your basement is good all again.

Ineffective Grading (Causes Of Leaky Floor In Basement)

If the grading is sloppy to the foundation, water will accumulate and, gradually, find its way to the basement. The ground around the foundation will eventually tilt away from the house. 

A heap of dirt around the house will make a skew away from the dwell, positively or negatively, as the case may be.

Defective Gutters And Downspouts

When the gutter and downspouts are faulty or not installed properly, rainwater will steer to the foundation. The accumulated water eventually gets to the basement, causing wet Basement Toronto

Downspout’s extension and regular gutter cleaning can push the water a little far from the foundation.

A Cracked Foundation

Water is bound to seep through any cracks found in the foundations. But if left unattended causes further damage. 

Proper support connection should be used in sealing up the gap caused either by structural problems or porous soil drainage.

Bad Drain Tile And Sump Pit

Subsurface drainages are missing in some houses. Ancient houses weren’t built with one; contemporary homes usually have associated problems.

Installing or fixing a poor subsurface drainage system requires the professional services of a basement waterproofing company.


Generally, this happens when warm moist air slaps the basement walls and floors. Use exhaust fans if a bathroom or kitchen is around the basement. So, make sure the fan is on while cooking or taking a shower to avoid building up moisture.

Air conditioning vents are efficient ways to disperse air and moisture in your basement. Insulating areas where condensation usually build-up can solve the problem as well.   

Window Wells (Causes Of Leaky Floor In Basement)

Window wells can cause a leak that permits moisture to build up in your basement if not correctly fitted. Checking if a drain is outside can help fix the problem. 

Cleaning or perhaps replacing should cease the leak if there is no drain.

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