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To develop an extra space in a home, individuals are picking the choice of lowering a basement. Bench footing includes amongst the most broadly used techniques for it. Here, our Bench Footing Company in Toronto explains the details of bench footing:

What’s Bench Footing? Explained By Aquatech Waterproofing

Bench footing includes a process by which you may lower the basement and offer additional structural support toward your foundation. There isn’t any requirement to dig underneath the foundation to offer additional height to a basement. Rather, with this process, it’s possible to lower the floor level of the basement, as well as widen the foundation’s structure.

How Bench Footing is done

• The general contractor will design and create a perimeter that surrounds the interior of a basement wall.
• They’ll dig to the desired depth that surrounds the foundation.
• After finishing the process of digging, new footings are built- which go deeper than the new floor’s depth.
• As the newer walls go upward to the depth of the initial basement, it’ll be covered by it using concrete. The completed effect is going to be like the home has a concrete bench that extends alongside the wall.
• Thereby, it’ll give the ‘benching effect,’ as well as an additional support for the foundation.

Precautions needed before beginning the bench footing process

Assess preliminary factors like the following:

1. Soil upon which the home is built
2. Required area depth
3. Intended usage of basement
4. Long-run maintenance costs

• Employ a professional like an engineer. Get the professional to assess the whole space, even the outside walls of the property to check whether this procedure is the appropriate method for your home.
• Ask them to look at the design of the property and consider issues like the sanitary sewer connection level.
• Typically, lowering of the basement will require building permits from a Municipality, therefore be certain to obtain one before beginning the process.
• Don’t forget to clear out your basement of all of the storage items or furniture.

Not every home is able to withstand the bench footing process. Therefore, it’s important that you know the home’s structure before starting any work inside the basement.

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