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Basement Waterproofing Systems Help Keep Your Home Dry


Many different basement waterproofing systems can be used in your home. Whether you have been suffering from a wet basement or are looking to take precautionary measures to keep basement flooding and leakages at bay, you should know that you need to get basement waterproofing done immediately.

It is a very good idea and an intelligent choice to invest in basement waterproofing systems in homes so that you can keep your property protected against and also prevent any further damage that might occur because of basement flooding. There are a number of ways you can choose to dry or have your basement dried. Your contractor will be able to guide you better but here is a little insight on what you ought to know regarding basement waterproofing systems.

Waterproofing Your Basement With Interior Sealants

Water commonly enters your basement through cracks in the cemented foundations. You can easily seal these cracks and lines from the inside and protect against seepage and basement flooding. Several special sealant products are available in the market that is injected into the cracks, sealing off the path for moisture and leaks. If you don’t have a very strong water pressure pushing against the cracks in your foundation, getting them sealed with interior sealants is a great option.

You can also use waterproof coatings on the insides to protect it against flooding. Waterproof coatings are long-lasting, and some even adhere to concrete walls permanently. Waterproof coatings are a great option if you have minor condensation or dampness issues. However, they aren’t feasible against major leaks.

Exterior Waterproofing

This system seals any cracks or lines in the exterior foundations that might let in your basement. Exterior waterproofing might be a very long and troublesome procedure as it needs to fully excavate the ground around the house till the foundations. Once the excavation is done, the walls of the foundation can be sealed using waterproof coatings. This will thus prevent water from entering your basement and direct leaking water to drains connected to sump pumps or down slopes that lead away from the property’s foundations. Although very long, this method efficiently stops water from entering the basement through the cracks in the interior foundation or the walls.

Comprehensive Drainage Systems

These systems focus on interior and exterior drainage so that even if water enters the house, there is a drainage system that will drive it away from the basement. One of the best methods to drain water away from the basement is to install sump pumps that collect water and pump it away from the house. This system will work by draining all underground water from the surrounding areas of your home and will then pump it away from your basement. Advanced systems today are prepared to work with power outages, catastrophic rainfalls, snowstorms, and snow melts.

Drainage systems are great for keeping water out of your basements. These can be made airtight and safe against mould and mildew growth.