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Bakor 990-06 Yellow Jacket 6 Inch

Bakor 990-06 Yellow Jacket 6 Inch

Bakor 990-06 Yellow Jacket 6 Inch is a waterproofing material that is designed for use in below-grade foundation walls, tunnels, and earth-sheltered structures. It is a self-adhering, rubberized asphalt membrane that is designed to be used in conjunction with other waterproofing systems to provide maximum protection against water infiltration.

The Yellow Jacket 6 Inch is easy to install, thanks to its self-adhering properties. It comes in a roll that can be cut to size and applied directly to the surface to be waterproofed. Once installed, it provides a durable and flexible barrier that is resistant to punctures and tears, as well as to the effects of UV rays.

This waterproofing material is particularly effective in situations where there is a high risk of water infiltration, such as in areas with a high water table or in regions with heavy rainfall. It is also useful in preventing moisture from seeping into the foundation walls of buildings, which can cause structural damage and mold growth.

Overall, Bakor 990-06 Yellow Jacket 6 Inch is an effective and reliable waterproofing material that can provide long-lasting protection against water infiltration. It is an ideal choice for anyone looking to protect their property from water damage, whether they are building a new structure or retrofitting an existing one.