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Aqua Bloc 720-38

Aqua Bloc 720-38 is a high-performance, low modulus, elastomeric waterproofing membrane that is specially designed for use in residential construction projects. This product is an excellent choice for waterproofing poured and block foundation walls, insulated concrete forms (ICF), footings, split slab floors, and retaining walls. It is a one-component, liquid-applied membrane that can be applied to both damp and green concrete surfaces.

One of the key features of Aqua Bloc 720-38 is its seamless, rubber-like membrane, which provides an impervious barrier against water and moisture. It is also highly flexible, with excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces, including concrete, stone, wood, preserved wood, metal, and polystyrene insulation (ICF).

In addition to its superior waterproofing capabilities, Aqua Bloc 720-38 is also an environmentally friendly product that contains no solvents. This means that it is safe to use and will not harm the environment.

When it comes to application, Aqua Bloc 720-38 is a versatile product that can be applied in one coat or multiple coats with reinforcing fabric (CAN/CGSB-37.3). It is also able to bridge cracks, ensuring a watertight seal even in areas where the substrate is not completely smooth.

Overall, Aqua Bloc 720-38 is a high-quality, reliable waterproofing solution that is perfect for a wide range of residential construction projects. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, Aqua Bloc 720-38 is the perfect choice for keeping your foundation and other structures free from water damage.