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Aquatech Waterproofing Materials


Having a dry basement is a top priority for any homeowner. One product that can help with wet basement waterproofing is Platon. This is a high-density, dimpled polyethylene membrane that works to keep flooring and foundation dry.

Platon works to create an impermeable vapor barrier, as well as an air gap, allowing your concrete to breathe, all while controlling the amount of moisture present. This product has been used for helping to waterproof foundations since the early part of the 1990s and currently has no reports of leaks attached to it.

This product, which is used by our Aquatech Waterproofing team helps to keep wet soil far away from the foundation wall. If moisture does make it past this membrane it will be carried to the foundation dray thanks to the air gap drainage path that is present.

The Platon waterproofing material is often used for protecting block walls, existing foundations, permanent wood, poured concrete walls or Insulated Concrete Forms.

Benefits and Features of Our Waterproofing Materials

Our products are made from top quality materials to ensure your issues with wet basements and leaks in your foundation are a thing of the past.

Some of the specific benefits offered by our products include:
• Simple installation process
• Economical option for your home or commercial property
• Ideal for solving issues that arise due to basement leakage
• Provide superior interior moisture control benefits
• Crafted from durable and tough HDPE material
• Offered with a generous product warranty

Why Call Aquatech Waterproofing Technicians?

Our technicians have years of experience working with home owners wet basement and foundations. Our team only works with the highest grade of materials to provide a long-lasting finish that will help keep your home and your basement dry from now on.

Our solutions will be effectively applied at a competitive and affordable price.