Add Height to Your Basement: Underpinning vs Benching


If you’re looking to add height to your basement learn about underpinning vs benching in this article. Earlier basements were never thought of to be as living spaces. They were designed to store goods like coal, wood, or hundreds of jars and trunks. 

Nowadays, the basement is one of the home’s most critical features, increasing its overall value. However, guessing you are here because you want to renovate your home’s basement with professional basement waterproofing in Toronto and make it spacious.

So the question remains whether underpinning is a great option or benching when it comes to adding height or doing basement repair services in Toronto

What Is Underpinning The Basement? 

When it comes to underpinning the basement, digging is involved around the perimeter of the basement walls. It removes the basement footings and excavates them to the lower depth. (Note: If you identify leaks, contact leaky basement repair services in Toronto for immediate assistance.)

After that, new footings are poured at the depth, further sectioned off and installed with new floors. Underpinning is usually a stressful and challenging task that only professionals in basement repair services in Toronto should handle. 

It is costly, but counting on service providers like Aquatech Basement Waterproofing can help you stay within the budget. 

What Is Benching The Basement? 

Another way by which you can add height to the basement is through the process of benching. It is also known as bench footing. In this process, instead of excavating beneath the existing basement foundation, a ledge is made around the walls of the basement’s perimeter. 

The basement’s foundation is then lowered within the space of the bench. After that, a concrete slab is poured at the lower depth without changing the foundation wall. For basement lowering in Toronto, you can always take help from professionals with years of experience.

This process is considered less expensive but can be consuming. So if you are a busy person, it is suggested to count on basement waterproofing professionals in Toronto like Aquatech Basement Waterproofing company. 

Underpinning VS Benching- A Fair Comparison!

To further make the best choice of adding height to your basement, it is crucial to understand the difference between the two so that you can hire waterproofing services in Toronto wisely.

  • Cost –  underpinning is a more expensive option when compared to benching.
  • Strength- underpinning improves structural strength, while the structural power is untouched in benching.
  • Space – underpinning increases the living space to the maximum while Benching does quite the opposite.
  • Repairing – with underpinning, you can easily make repairs in the future, while the allowance is limited in benching.
  • Duration- benching does require a few days to complete, while underpinning requires several weeks.
  • Home’s value – both benching and underpinning- increases the home’s value.

Count on professionals instead of dealing with all the hassle!! 

While it might seem easy, adding height to your basement might seem challenging, especially if you are inexperienced. Customers can rely on experts for quality waterproofing services in Toronto. Their reliable services will give you a hassle-free experience with minimal effort.