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A Useful Guide to Getting Rid of Musty Basement Smells


No one likes the musty smell in their basements.

If this musty odour in your basement becomes your stress, it would be better to change it in no time. With the help of basement waterproofing Toronto, you can easily remove these faulty smells from your basements for good change.

A pervasive musty odour can make your basement unbearable. Therefore, to avoid living in a leaky basement Toronto, here are some tips and tricks to help you get rid of it. 

Also, remember that if these smells are strong enough, they can reach the rest of the foundation and further to the home area!

So, it is better to take precautions at the right time.

Few Points To Remember While Choosing Wet Basement Solutions To Remove Musty Smells

  • Moulds and mildews are widespread in a leaky basement Toronto, which can be the primary cause of that damp smell. So, to remove this, the best you can do is to clean out every item having moulds and mildews, including books, rugs, papers, chipboards, old clothes, carpets, etc.
  • Wet basement solutions also help you vacuum the area by using sandpaper that can eventually remove the mould from your deeply penetrated wooded area. Vacuuming is the best method to eliminate pathogens, mould spores, allergens, etc., to end the musty smells.
  • Basement waterproofing services also provide helping hands to open windows for ventilation. This, in turn, will help you eliminate the odour caused by your wet and leaky basement. They might also use a dehumidifier that will keep the basement dry all the time, ultimately preventing the accumulation of any damp smell.
  • If you hire a basement waterproofing Toronto companyit will be easier for you to install window fans to circulate the faulty air outside the basement. They can also help you with ventilation services like passing air in and out of the window in your basement area. With this step, you can convert your stagnant air into fresh one for better survival.
  • Make sure to choose a perfect company for basement waterproofing services that can help you to look after some areas of concern, like the cracks in your foundation. This will replenish a leaky basement and remove the musty smell in no time.

How To Eliminate Musty Odours With The Help Of Basement Waterproofing Toronto?


  • Make Sure To Remove Sources Of Moisture

Even a tiny amount of dirt can attract moisture in the basement!

Basement repair services can help you stop it from seeping into your basement. This will result in leaving behind that strange smell. It will also cover the dirt outside the foundation boundary using plastic sheeting, mulch, etc. This leads to blockage of moisture and improves the smell.


  • Make Sure To Turn Up The Heat

Moisture and heat can’t sit beside each other in a room.

Therefore, with their help, you can build up the heat in your basement to eliminate excess condensation and musty smells.


  • Make Sure To Dehumidify Your Basement

The most effective way to eliminate moisture and faulty smells from your basement are by installing a dehumidifier. 

With their help, you can install systems that collect moisture from the air and work as a built-in reservoir. You will observe a fresher and more pleasant basement in every seasonal change if done regularly.

Hire Us For Better Results!

You must be tired of these musty smells, eh?

So, it is wise to choose Aquatech basement waterproofing Toronto to care for all the waterproofing and plumbing problems. We will guide you about the root causes and their solutions to make your basement smell-free! 

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